Dem Says Republicans Nazis. Again

If you live in Tennessee, you should be ashamed.  Ashamed of your representative in Washington. 

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) today compared Republican disagreements with the Obamacare bill with Nazi Germany’s propaganda against the jews.  He said the Republicans lied “like Goebbels” on the healthcare bill.  He also said that the Germans repeated lies about the jews until people believed the lies. 

What he didn’t say is that the Nazis learned their propaganda from progressives in the US.  Progressives like modern Democrats.  Progressives like Woodrow Wilson.  Goebbels wrote in his diary that he learned propaganda from the Americans. 

What he also didn’t say was that the Nazis didn’t have the internet, and the German people didn’t have information available to them at their fingertips.  They didn’t have verbage of ridiculous legislation available for them to read.  Like we do. 

If the healthcare bill is so great, why all the accounting tricks to make it look cheaper than it is?   Why the doctor fix?  Why the six years of benefits for ten years of taxes?  Why the two thousand pages?  Why pass it on Christmas eve? 

The problem the American people have with this bill is the way in which the Democrats went about getting it passed.  The claims that the Democrats made about having to pass the bill so we can find out what’s in it (it still makes me chuckle when I imagine Pelosi saying this and actually expecting ANY American with more than a third grade education buying it)and  the idea that spending more money would actually lower the deficit both aggravated Americans.  The Democrats gaming the system to get this passed before they went home on Christmas, and their trying to get a few Repulicans to sign on when they didn’t need one Republican vote to pass this bill further steamed Americans. 

And then there are the unintended consequences. 

Or are they unintended? 

Anyone who knows how people think and how businesses operate would understand that the idea that you can refuse to purchase healthcare insurance and still get care means that you don’t have to spend your money on insurance until you need care.  Democrats show their true colors when they say that premiums have doubled and healthcare insurance companies profits have quadrupled in the six years the Republicans had both houses and the White House.  These evil companies.  They all deserve to fail.  Democrats seem to think that profits going up mean that profit MARGINS also go up.  With costs rising, profit margins don’t necessarily rise with profits.  If a company manages their business right, rising profits should mean a better profit margin.  Unless the government wants a bigger piece of the action.  Or they enact draconian laws and raise your taxes that cut into your bottom line. 

Enough, Rep. Cohen.  The healthcare bill is a disaster.  The polls say the American people don’t want it, polls that are honest, anyway.  The recent AP poll that said 75% of Americans are against repeal of the Obamacare bill is a flawed poll.  Its numbers come from 1000 adults.  Not 1000 likely voters.  And, as Eric Erickson said on his radio show last night, these polls always skew towards the Democrat point of view.  Gallup has the numbers almost reversed.  Rasmussen is the same.  And nobody can say these pollsters are dishonest.  So, no matter what the Democrats say about polls, Nazis, or deficits, the American people know better. 

This bill will push health insurance companies out of business, and the government would then have to create a public option.  Costs will rise.  Care will become less effective.  In the end, people will die. 

Stop it and be honest.  I’m tired of the crap.


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