Obama Interview Exposes Arrogance

Before Sunday night’s Super Bowl, Bill O’Reilly sat down with the President of the United Stats for an interview.  O’Reilly is the only Fox News personality who has interviewed the president, either as president or as candidate (O’Reilly has done both.)  O’Reilly gave the president more than a fair shake in the twenty minutes or so he spoke with President Obama, but asked some questions that many Americans want answers to. 

Just because he was asked questions didn’t mean he had to answer them, however. 

Obama appeared aloof in his mannerisms, head turned at an angle and nose slightly elevated.  He chuckled when O’Reilly asked how he handles people who hate him.  His response?  “People who see you through the fun-house mirror” of public criticism “don’t know me.”  And whose fault, precisely, is that?  We elected a man president whom we did not know.  At least most of us, approximately 57% of us, didn’t know him, and pulled the voter’s handle for Obama (or touched the screen, dimpled the chads or whatever.) This was no accident.  If the American people knew that Obama attended a black liberation theology church for twenty years, or if they knew about his associations with Weather Undergrounders Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn, or if they knew he wanted to see a single payer healthcare system, most independent voters would not have voted for him.  Sure there are hard core liberal progressives who would have voted for him if he was Hitler reincarnated (I’m not saying he is.  It’s a joke).  But most Americans would have seen him for what he is:  a tax and spend liberal whose thirst for power won’t be impeded by the Constitution or anything else. 

During the interview, Obama stuck to the talking points.  Win the future.  Back from the brink.  Let me be clear.  I cut taxes for 95% of working families.  It’s this last item I want to discuss briefly. 

What tax cut?  Apparently, it was figured into the stimulus bill adopted in 2009.  According to the NYT, most people didn’t even know their tax rates had been cut.  My paycheck didn’t go up.  My wife’s paycheck didn’t go up.  So I guess we’re in the five percent of working families whose taxes weren’t cut.  But the cut was so small that most people didn’t notice with their health insurance going up and their income going down due to the recession.  To read the article, follow the link below:


This is typical of Democrats.  They technically give you a tax cut, but it’s so small you don’t notice or the cut is offset by local or state taxes or health care premiums.  Then, when campaign time rolls around, they say “We gave you a tax cut.  Vote for us.”  And most people, like me, would say “Why would they lie about something so easily verified?  Certainly they did give me a tax cut.”  And again, technically, they did.  But what benefit did we get from it?  The tax cut, according to the article, should result in over a billion dollars of extra spending by North Carolina residents.  This, in theory, will jump start the economy.  That was two years ago.  The economy is still not growing, at least not very fast.  Unemployment remains high.  People are losing their homes to foreclosure.  So, where’s the benefit from this “tax cut?” 

The only benefit is a political one.  But, if the November elections are any indication, it’s not even a very strong political benefit.  But the Democrats will say that they gave a tax cut to working Americans, begging for votes.  Votes that they think $65 a month should be enough to buy. 

If the president wanted to truly stimulate the economy and spend $787 billion, why not just give the American people a break for six months from paying any income taxes?   You still spend the money, technically, and the American people now have thousands of dollars to spend during the tax holiday.  The answer is simple.  You aren’t smart enough to know how to spend your own money.  The government, who spends a thousand bucks on a toilet seat, knows better.  So, fork it over.  It’s ours, not yours, you ignorant citizens.  We’ll take care of you. 

I don’t want the government taking care of me.  I don’t want to be an ally of the US federal government.  They cut loose allies at the first sign of trouble, as they did with the Shah of Iran and with Hosni Mubarak in Egypt.  Yes, I think the Egyptian people should choose their government, and that Mubarak had to go.  For once, Obama appeared to stand on the side of freedom.  Then he fumbled the ball.  Instead of offering the Egyptian people and Mubarak our support during a transition period to a cleanly elected Egyptian government, he instead demanded that Mubarak step down now.  Yes, he should step down.  But if the Egyptian constitution doesn’t have a provision for this kind of thing, what will the government in Egypt do?  Who will fill the void?  All these questions have yet to be answered, but since Obama is omnipotent, he made a bad demand, treating an ally of the US like a “No Pinheads” doormat.  That happened in Iran, too.  How’s that working for the US now?  Muslim theocracy, closed society, sponsor of terrorists trying to build a nuclear weapon. 

By the way, in a recent post, I wrote that the Muslim Brotherhood maybe aren’t so bad.  I was wrong.  It would be terrible for the rest of the world and the US in particular if they end up in power.  I still think the Egyptians will not allow these guys to make Egypt like Iran.  But that risk does exist.  It’s still their choice, and I hope and pray they will make a good choice in their new government. 

Back to the interview.  Obama seemed to dismiss ideas that people think he’s a socialist.  O’Reilly asked him if he’s moving to the center.  He said no.  He hasn’t moved anywhere.  He’s always been a centrist. 

Right.   And my teenage sons never play with their pee-pees. 

Everything this guy does appears more socialist.  He is treading more carefully now since he doesn’t have control of the House of Representatives.  He says he will not refight the healthcare battle.  I’m sure the Harvard Law professor will put his significant legal mind to work figuring out a way to avoid that.  Look for the administration to try to stop the Supreme Court from hearing the case.  And, if it makes it to the Court, will new justice Sonya Sotomayor recuse herself from hearing the case since she worked on healthcare issues while she was a lawyer before being appointed?  Don’t expect that. 

Obama’s arrogance is hard to watch.  He truly believes the American people are with him and that we think he’s doing the right things in our country.  Either that or he should get an Oscar to go with his Nobel Peace Prize.  If I worked with someone that arrogant, I might have to punch him in his nose, if I could reach it with it pointed into the air.  Of course, that would solve nothing, except that I would feel better. 

So, next year, I’m going to do the only thing I can do to make myself feel better.  I’m going to punch Obama in the nose at the ballot box. 

Maybe then, if he is a one term president, he will be humbled.


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