Where’s the Outrage? NAACP Won’t Comment on Thomas Protest

Imagine you live in a world where if you are black, you can pick and choose when and over what to be outraged, even when events are very similar.  Imagine you have race pimps everywhere, shakedown artists that extort money from businesses over percieved racial sleights, but who will remain silent when a black man has nasty things said about him by white people in a protest group. 

You no longer have to imagine this.  We live there. 


At a progressive protest in California, several white protesters were asked what to do with Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas after he was impeached.  Their responses were disgusting.  “String him up,” “send him back to the fields,” and “cut off his toes and feed them to him” were a few things said about the man who grew up in poverty and rose to be a judge on the highest court in the land.  Yet the race pimps Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have been amazingly silent.  The NAACP, who promoted the idea of racism at Tea Party protests, is silent. 

It must be good to be a liberal. 

All black people don’t deserve the same consideration.  A black stripper deserves the support of Sharpton, and when it turns out she was lying, no retraction, no apology, nothing.  Not even an admission of “I was wrong.”  When a group of lacrosse players have their lives turned upside down by another black stripper, who also lied, Sharpton again runs to denounce the actions of the players.  But no admission of being wrong, no apology, when the case is dismissed. 

A man like Clarence Thomas, however, gets no such support.  Why?  Because he is percieved to be serving his white masters by people who can’t escape the plantation created by Democrats.  Or won’t escape the plantation. 

Again, it must be good to be a liberal.  You can choose which black people need your support. 

And then there’s the denigration of Herman Cain.  Mr. Cain is a businessman and radio talk show host.  But he’s a conservative.  He has been called a “monkey.”  That’s what happens when liberals don’t have anything substantive to say about a man’s ideas.  So, you call him a house boy, that he is a puppet of white masters.  Mr. Cain is a self-made man.  He worked for Pillsbury, became a CEO for Burger King and Godfather’s Pizza, starting at the bottom and worked his way up.  Race pimps can’t stand this kind of black man.  They like Black Panthers who say you have to kill crackers and their babies.  But they hate men like Thomas and Cain.  These men prove that America is a land of opportunity for everybody.  It shatters the idea that if you are black, the deck is stacked against you and you need programs like Affirmative Action to just be equal.  And this idea is needed by Sharpton and Jackson, so that they can continue to accumulate wealth by playing the race card everywhere they can.  The “Reverend” Jesse Jackson wrote a book with his son titled It’s About the Money. “Reverend?”  I think not. 

I can complain about the double standard applied by liberals all day.  We all know it exists.  We cannot let this tarnish our view of humanity.  Every person is an individual and deserves a fair shake from us.  Judge a person by what they do.  Give them a chance to prove who they are before you make a judgement about that person.  And the judgement is whether or not you trust them, if you can be friends with them, have them to your house for dinner, etc.  I would love to have Herman Cain to my house for dinner.  Sharpton and Jackson, not so much. 

The silence on the left is deafening.  Tea Partiers are constantly being painted as bigots with no proof, but leftists who display hate openly and on video merit no comment. 

It must be good to be a liberal.


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