Wisconsin Teachers Protest Bill


I’ve linked to the Huffington Post.  The apocalypse is upon us. 

The reason is because this article has the facts of the bill on the floor of the Wisconsin legislature listed, and they are correct. 

Public worker’s unions in Wisconsin are upset because the bill removes collective bargaining rights and makes them (gasp) pay more for their pensions and health insurance.  This is something that private sector employees have had to do for decades.  Teacher’s unions responded to the bill by not working.  Democrats responded to the bill by not working.  I’m noticing a trend here. 

Now, the collective bargaining thing is actually fair.  It removes the union’s power to bargain for higher wages than inflation indexes, but allows pay increases above the inflation index with a vote by the people.  So, if the teachers are doing a good job, it should be no problem to get higher wages.  And what is wrong with employees paying twelve percent of their own pensions?  It would save the state a ton of money, and Wisconsin is in deep trouble financially. 

The teacher’s unions have played a card that is pretty cowardly.  They got students to carry signs for them.  These kids have no idea what’s going on.  They are getting the teachers’ point of view, which is skewed to their agenda.  So, these students, who have been damaged educationally by these same teachers are carrying their water for them. 

Public unions cost us a ton of money.  And the value we get for that money?  Bad teachers can’t be fired.  They aren’t held to any standards other than the ones the union get for them.  Kids can’t read.  They can’t solve problems.  They don’t understand money or finance.  They can’t balance their checkbook.  They don’t know American history, not true American history anyway.  None of these problems are addressed by Wisconsin’s bill. 

I’ve said it before.  Labor unions aren’t necessary any more.  They have out lived their useful life.  They do more damage than good.  And our kids are being taught by these guys. 

Maybe it’s time for schools to be owned by private people.  If my property taxes went down, maybe we could afford to send our kids to private schools.  Maybe if we got vouchers or some other form of monetary assistance, we could choose where to send them. 

That would be nice.  But in this time of out of control government spending, that isn’t happening.  Not when our president makes promises to spend money on education.  He just won’t say how, how much, or where it will come from.  Maybe he can close some military bases to pay off teachers’ unions.  That’s what he means by “investing in education.”  That’s my gut feeling. 

A kind of funny side bar here is that the state police have been sent out to find the Democrats who didn’t show up for the vote.  Wisconsin state law says you can’t have a vote unless all political parties are represented, so the Democrats just didn’t show up for work.  I hope the cops find them.  I hope they are dragged into the state house and vote.  This could be the domino that starts the falling of other states. 

I hope so, anyway.


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