Middle East Chaos Dispersing Through World

So, here we are.  First Tunisia, then Egypt.  Now Libya and other countries in the Middle East.  Protesters have finally become weary of autocratic regimes and fake elections, and have taken to the streets.  Their demands are that dictator-like presidents resign.  And the presidents are complying. 

In Egypt, President Hosni Mubarak stepped down after thirty years of rule over the Egyptian people.  Egypt is a poor country, with average income levels among the lowest in the world.  The Egyptian people decided that the person most directly responsible was Mubarak and that he had to go.  Of course, the Muslim Brotherhood can’t wait for the transition of power.  More on that later. 

Libyan leader Mohamar Qadaffi isn’t going as quietly.  He has promised to die in Libya.  And he has sicced his police and military on the Libyan people.  People are being shot in the streets, but they still come to protest.  Maybe these people are ready for self-determination. 

All this is happening now.  At a time when our president has taken the side of the bad guys more often than he hasn’t.  He didn’t say anything when Iranians were killed in the street for protesting a Muslim theocracy.  Sure, Obama says that there shouldn’t be violence, that peaceful protest should be the way to go.  But he ditches Mubarak after thirty years of being an American ally.  He doesn’t stand for the Iranian people when they decide they are tired of Muslim clerics lopping off body parts to punish petty crime.  And he is pulling out of Iraq and trying to figure out a way to pull out of Afghanistan.  Our budget crisis will almost certainly end in military cuts, because that is what Democrats do.  They cut costs on the backs of the military.  This will result in a weaker America militarily.  We are already weakened economically, and with the people of the country demanding less spending, this weakening will result in higher taxes, further weakening us. 

Why would these countries be doing this now?  Because we are weak.  And if you think that the stuff going on in the Middle East doesn’t matter, think again.  If this unrest continues throughout the Middle East, you will see gas prices rise everywhere in the world.  It always comes back to money, doesn’t it? 

Now, our states are trying to figure out a way to help balance the budgets by getting labor unions to pay what the rest of us pay for our healthcare and retirement.  The Federal Government says we should raise the Social Security benefit age, meaning that most people will have to work longer before they get the money they paid into the system back.  Why not raise the age to 90?  100?  Then the benefits will almost never be paid.  Seems fair.  Right? 

The chaos in the Middle East has been enabled by a pantywaste president who can’t seem to understand that a weak America emboldens bad guys all over the world.  Egyptians have said on camera that they want what the Iraqis now have, thanks to us.  They are trying to get it for themselves. Our president’s response?  “Our allies will be cut loose when they become too burdensome and turn Facebook back on.”  We could not have liberated Iraq with Obama at the wheel.  And by not pulling out all the stops in Afghanistan, we are almost ensuring Taliban resurgence once we leave.  The Taliban buys security for the Afghan people, they sacrifice their freedom for it. 

If the unrest continues to spread and Saudi Arabia falls, we can all look forward to ten dollar a gallon gas.  Unless we drill for our own.  Which also won’t happen with Obama at the wheel. 

One place that the unrest won’t spread is China.  The Chinese seem to be able to convince their people that security is worth their liberty. 

We need to pay attention to all this.  The Middle East has always been volatile.  Now, they may be politically motivated to destroy us, since we aren’t their biggest customers anymore, and with a green president trying to make our consumption smaller, they have less to lose than they did in the past.  But in the short term, they will hold even more power over us than they did then.  And we’ll pay anything for fuel.  But with oil being the energy source that makes economies go, worldwide economies will grind to a halt, and all increased costs will be passed to the customer.  Our president has played into their hands. 

And we are caught in the middle.


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