Okay, so I’ve been slacking.  I haven’t written a new post in a while and there’s a lot going on.  Let me hit some high points. 

Gas is approaching $3.50 a gallon in Georgia, and is already near $4.00 a gallon elsewhere in the US.  And the Obama regime still has an unconstitutional moratorium on drilling.  I guess batteries, solar power, windmills, and high speed rail will get you to work over the summer.  Oh, wait.  That’s right.  None of those thing compose even five percent of our current energy production and won’t for a decade or more to come.  Where’s the media outrage?  Where are the investigations into price gouging?  I guess having a black Democrat in the White House makes expensive gas okay.

According to another Democrat boob, Al Jezeera is the only real news out there.  Hillary Clinton said last week that Al Jezeera reports real news.  Yeah.  Real news laced with Israel hate, America hate, and all other kinds of hate.  I guess Fox News doesn’t report real news.  The same way CNN isn’t biased, according to a hardcore leftist I used to work with.  Gotta love Democrats.

The budget battle is heating up.  With an extension, it doesn’t look good for resolving the issue by the new deadline.  Republicans are overreporting their cuts, Democrats are overreporting their cuts.  The truth is that without reforming entitlements, any cuts will be small.  It’s like taking a cup of water out of a swimming pool because someone is drowning in the deep end, then claiming that you did all you could do to save the victim.  Only we’re the victims.  The American people.  And our heads are barely above water.

Unemployment dropped to 8.9% last week.  Whoopee.  According to the left, this is a sign that all Obama has done is working.  Tell that to my buddy and ten other people who are not working any longer because they got laid off last week.  I don’t know whose numbers to believe any more on this unemployment thing.  If the Department of Labor can tell us how many people are new claimants to unemployment, why can’t they tell us how many people are still on unemployment?  Or how many people aren’t looking for jobs any more?  Or how many jobs are being worked by illegal immigrants?  Or how many jobs are being shipped overseas or to Mexico because of NAFTA?  They could.  Theydon’t because they don’t want you to have any of this info.  Otherwise, many Americans would show up at the Capitol with pitchforks. 

The NBA, well, who cares about the NBA.  I don’t .

In the last real man’s sport, Danica Patrick had a top five finish this weekend at Las Vegas in the Nationwide (or Busch) series. Oh, yeah, and Kyle Busch won the race.  Carl Edwards won the Sprint Cup race, even though Tony Stewart had the best car.  A late race miscue in the pits put Stewart near the back, but he rallied to finish second.  He was disappointed and in his post race interview said the team gave one away.  I agree.  That seems to be the only way Ford can beat Chevy this year; if the Chevy teams stop and wait on them.    Oh, and Daytona 500 winner Trevor Bayne crashed.  I guess it’s different when most of the good cars are still on the track. 

March Madness starts soon.  Whoopee. 

Alan Colmes still blames George Bush for every problem the country has in every panel he sits on.  How long is the statute of limitations on Presidential blame?  I guess I still blame FDR and LBJ for a lot of the problems we have.  Of course, the difference is that they actually ARE at fault for creating a society in which hard work is punished, laziness is subsidized, and nobody is ever at fault for their own poor choices. 

The labor unions appear to be trying drive a final nail into the coffin of America.  Wisconsin teachers say they have made concessions and that the governor should sit down and talk to them about this problem they are having.  The news media neglects to mention that negotiations have taken place in the past and that the unions wouldn’t give up on anything they wanted.  I say that the governor is right to stick to his guns and not deal with these people.  After all, these are the same people who have protesters saying things like “What makes you think you are entitled to your money?”  With logic like that in play, negotiating would be a waste of time.

And, if you think unions are so great, take a look at the NFL.  The players want more money from the owners than the 60% of revenue they already get.  The owners want an 18 game season.  Pro sports is the only industry I know of where you only get to make money as an owner if you sell the team.  The owners are crazy to want an 18 game season, and the players are crazy to want more of the owner’s money.  That’s right,  I said it.  The owner’s money.  It’s true that without players, there’s no football.  It is equally true, however, that without the owners building stadiums and managing teams there is no football.  Both sides need to get over themselves.  I say we play 14 game seasons, but we play at high school stadiums around the country.  That will teach both sides a lesson they need to remember:  fans make the game what it is.  It is a financial juggernaut, and there is more than enough money to go around.  Maybe the owners should make a salary cap of, say, $250,000 for all players and put the rest of the money into after retirement healthcare and pensions.  And if one kid who grew up in with nothing says they can’t live on $250K a year, fire them.  They can go play in Canada.  The winters are real nice up there. 

I’ve seen unions destroy a lot of businesses, and football is no different.  Public sector unions were an idea even uberleftist FDR was against.  Major League Baseball took a decade to get back on top after their last strike.  And when I was a kid, Firestone shut down their plant in Memphis as a result of labor disputes.  A lot of people lost their jobs.  I guess that’s better than working for a piddly fully paid pension and free healthcare, as well as an inflated salary that makes American companies uncompetitive with foreign ones. 

I guess that’s about it.  I’ll try to be more conscientious.  I hope I spelled that right.


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