Liberals Miss Point on Muslim Hearings

Peter King (R-NY) is beginning hearings on radicalization of American Muslims tomorrow.  The usual suspects on the left are up in arms over this. 

The New York Times is comparing King to Joe McCarthy.  CAIR is screaming.  Muslims are marching in the streets. 

As usual, these people are missing the point. 

These hearings are not an attempt to search the homes of every American Muslim.  They are not creating a list of names who need to be interred in Guantanamo.  These hearings are a fact finding mission to find out what is going on in America when it comes to the radicalization of Muslims. 

Al Qaeda understands that it is now more difficult to get foreign terrorists into the country.  Their only option is to get terrorists from within the country.  They know that to get the jihad going, they will need to radicalize Americans and convince them to strap bombs to their Priuses and blow them up in front of crowds of Tea Partiers.  Why is this concept so hard for the American left to understand?  The same reason they think that we can stop Al Qaeda attacks on us by talking to the terrorists.  If we just try to understand them, they’ll love us.  Except that they won’t. 

Islamofascists want to kill us.  They believe that their holy book tells them to exterminate or convert all people who don’t believe as they do.  This is a powerful motivation.  See that?  Easy.  Understanding Islamic fundamentalists is simple.  Even I understand it. 

King’s hearings are trying to figure out what Al Qaeda is doing to convince Americans to radicalize.  I, for one, want to know this.  I want to actually understand what causes an American to take up arms against his countrymen.  Then, I want to stop it. 

The left, however, thinks that this will lead to persecution of all Muslims.  It may lead to beheadings of Muslim children in the street.  What a crock. 

The worst thing that could happen here is that we may profile Muslims.  That’s not so bad.  Every attack on Americans by terrorists since 1995 has been by Muslim extremists.  Without profiling these people, we can’t adequately protect the American people.  This violates the fourteenth amendment, specifically the equal protection clause. 

As usual, the left is trying to make Americans out to be nothing but a collection of intolerant rubes, hell bent on a world full of white Christians.  This is, of course, ludicrous.  The whole reason for doing these hearings is to make sure that the clues to radicalization are understood and that we can stop the radicalization which allows all people to freely practice his or her own religion, including Muslims.  If a Mosque has a small group of members who are being radicalized, other Muslims who are not being radicalized must be free to turn these guys in before they kill more Americans.  We have to understand why they are reluctant to do so, although the threat of death by radicals may be the only reason.  Without figuring this out, everyone’s freedom is impacted. 

What all this may boil down to is that the American people will have to take the fight up in their own hands, if the government won’t do anything about it.  That would be a disaster, since mobs seldom make sound decisions when it comes to getting the right people.  That’s what happened to the Japanese and Germans in WWII.  Except that the mob in that case was the government.  Nobody wants a repeat of that sad episode in American history.  So let’s find out what leads to radicalization.  Then let’s do whatever we can to stop it.

The left won’t be happy until they have protected the “rights” of Islamofascists to “peaceably assemble” and blow up a hundred people in a shopping mall. These are the same clowns who say that they’d rather free one hundred guilty murderers than lock up one innocent man.  They cannot understand that both of these are miscarriages of justice.  And the attitude of the left on this is dangerous.  I don’t want to lock up innocent Muslims.  I also don’t want to see American blood spilled over words in a book.  And a book that is open to interpretation.  These are dangerous people. 

I’ll be watching the hearings to see what the air in the room is like.  I hope that the hearings are fair.  I also hope we can try to eliminate the radicalization in the American Muslim community. 

We can’t continue like this.  America is about tolerance.  Tolerance for all. 

Until they try to kill us.  Then it’s time for the electric chair.


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