Any Theocracy is Bad

Recently, the Georgia General Assembly decided not to vote on a bill that would allow local governments to decide if they would allow the sales of liquor on Sunday.  This bill is not to allow the sales statewide.  Only to allow the local governments to decide.  The cowards in Atlanta wouldn’t vote on it.  I have my theories on why they wouldn’t vote on it.  One theory is that the current law prohibits the sale of liquor in liquor stores and convenience stores, but not in restarants or bars, and that’s precisely how the assembly members think it should be.  I’ve heard these guys say we have to keep the sabbath holy.  I’ve heard arguments from bible thumpers in the general public say the same thing. 

My question is, what’s the difference between that and Muslims wanting Sharia law imposed on all of us? 

The short answer is that there is no difference. 

America is not a theocracy.  We are a representative republic.  We don’t govern our current lives using a four thousand year old document.  We govern by our constitutions, state and federal.  We are supposed to reflect our belief in God in our personal lives, while keeping balance between that and what is good for the people in Georgia and the US as a whole. 

The way Georgia’s law currently stands, a person can go to a bar or restaurant and get all liquored up, if he wants to.  Then he has to get home.  But he cannot go to a grocery store and buy a twelve pack of beer, take it home and get liquored up.  Now, most people know this and get their stuff before Sunday.  But the state government banning adults from buying a legal substance just because the day is Sunday reeks of religious activism in the state house.  The only way this can be right is if EVERY citizen of Georgia is a practicing Christian.  If all of Georgia’s citizens believe that we should never take a drink on Sunday, then a law like this is fair to everybody.  But what about people whose religion says the sabbath is Saturday?  Or Friday?  Or not at all? 

The General Assembly forcing their Baptist Christianity on all the citizens of Georgia is wrong.  This belief in teetotalism is wrong anyway.  Jesus drank wine.  Of course, he wasn’t a Christian.  Yet another paradox which I have trouble getting my brain around.  If Jesus was the Messiah, then, technically, he couldn’t be a Jew, since Jews believe the Messiah hasn’t come yet.  He had come.  What gives? 

Anyway, the service of Assembly members has to include all citizens of Georgia.  They represent all of the people in their district, not just the teetotallers.  And, with most local governments having budget problems, the revenue created by alcohol sales on another day of the week would certainly help with these budget issues. 

Why won’t the Assembly make the sale of alcohol on Sunday illegal in restaurants and bowling alleys?  Because the business owners would poop themselves in anger.  It would cost them money.  Why don’t the supermarkets get the same consideration?  All of these are questions that must be answered.

But, I don’t expect an answer any time soon.  If the bill doesn’t get voted on by tomorrow, it dies for this session.  Kick the can on down the road. 

Either way, if I forget to buy my Killian’s on Saturday, I’m out of luck.  

Until I get to the bowling alley.


2 Responses to “Any Theocracy is Bad”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Jesus was Jewish by ethnicity…and He was a practicing Jew. There are people who are jewish by ethnicity and believe that Jesus was the messiah. Also,the wine He drank was not wine as we know it today…it was more like a watery grape juice, if my memory serves me correctly. The reason that Christians are so against alcohol is the stand that the Bible takes on it…there are many verses condemning alcohol and those who use it.

    • babaje2 Says:

      Thanks for taking the time to read and respond to my blog.

      I’ve heard all of your explanations before. I personally believe in Jesus as messiah, and believe He died for me. The point was that our lawmakers shouldn’t use only biblical objections to legislation that makes sense for their constituents.

      By the way, our senate voted on the bill today, and it passed. The only argument opponents used was the sabbath thing. They lost. The people of Georgia will get to decide, as it should be.

      Thanks again for reading. Keep coming back. I enjoy sharing ideas.

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