Sabol Diagnosed with Brain Tumor

If you are a fan of the NFL, put your disgust with the current labor situation aside and join me in wishing Steve Sabol well and saying a prayer for him. 

Sabol, the NFL films guy, was diagnosed with a brain tumor over the weekend.  If you don’t know who Steve Sabol is, let me tell you.

If you’ve ever seen those old films of the NFL, Steve probably shot the film, or edited it, or had some other input into the production of the film.  He was the camera man for NFL Films at the Ice Bowl, that historic game between the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers.  Steve’s dad, Ed, started NFL Films in the sixites.  NFL Films has become the keeper of NFL history.  Their cameras have been at every game, taking film and documenting all the big moments, good and bad, in the history of the game.  I personally have enjoyed the bloopers films.  Moments that showed stars in their human moments on the football field.  No one was immune from these moments.  John Elway, Dan Marino, Archie Manning, Ken Stabler, all had bloopers documented by the NFL Films crews.  These guys were precision players who made mistakes on the field to be sure, but silly moments like when Elway lined up behind his left guard to take a snap were what the bloopers films were all about. 

Sabol has interviewed every player of import in the league, has presided over the creation of films that show us what football used to be like, and has been instrumental in keeping the mystique of American football alive. 

So, please say a prayer for Steve.  He’s one of the good guys in the NFL.  Even though he’s not IN the NFL, he has been as important to it as commissioners and players have been, playing his part to shine the light of mystery on the NFL, and to highlight the best and worst of the league. 

Get well, Steve.  When you do, maybe your fight can be documented.  It’s as important as the Ice Bowl.  Maybe even more so.  And, I’ll bet that the fight will be as good as any we’ve seen on the field.  I hope you win.


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