It’s Not a War

With the Obama administration talking out of every side of their mouths that they can, it’s difficult to figure out what the hell is going on in Libya. 

I was watching the president’s news conference with the president of Chile a couple of days ago.  Obama answered every question by saying essentially nothing.  And it took a long time for him to say nothing.  What’s going on in Libya isn’t a war, it’s a mission of mercy to help support the people of Libya.  The goal of the mission is to provide humanitarian assistance, and not to oust Mohamar Qadaffi.  But Qadaffi must go. 


I’ve seen a lot of humanitarian missions executed over the years, and I don’t remember one where cruise missiles were used.  Usually there are people in Red Cross rain slickers passing out food and water.  These folks dig out survivors.  They help get water running and electricity flowing.  They don’t lob high explosives toward the people they are trying to help. 

It looks like a war to me. 

Now, Obama’s supporters on the left are saying that he is doing exactly what he should be doing in this situation.  I respectfully disagree.  They compare Obama’s actions to President Bush’s actions and say that Bush was wrong, and Obama is right.  Except that they are wrong. 

Bush built a multinational coalition before going into Iraq or Afghanistan.  He went to Congress and got their approval before deploying our troops.  He did not, however, clearly state the mission, or what our goal was in these actions.  Obama has made the same mistake. 

Obama unilaterally decided to commit our planes and pilots to enforce a NATO and UN no fly zone.  He waited until even the French said something had to be done, then jumped on the train as a passenger, not the engineer. 

Let’s be honest here.  Whenever NATO or the UN fights somewhere in the world, most of the soldiers and hardware are US soldiers and hardware.  We have the best equipment and best training for our guys of any nation on earth, except maybe for the Israelis.  So, effectively, any NATO or UN action is a US action.  And we usually end up eating most of the cost of these actions, both in blood and in cash. 

If Obama had acted “unilaterally” when the rebels in Libya were on the offensive, the chances of their winning would have been much higher.  Instead, he waited for an international agreement, and in the mean time, Qadaffi’s forces pushed the rebels back.  Now, the chances of the rebels winning are much smaller.  So, our “thoughtful,” “careful” president probably cost a lot of Libyan lives, civilian and military, with his hand-wringing.

This man is not capable of leading.  He can’t make the simplest of decisions.  Now he wants to turn over command and control to NATO.  Our troops and hardware under control of a foreign commander.  That would be fine if we send twenty guys and a truck to the fight.  But we will end up being the bulk of the fighting force.  And our guys will follow orders from someone who doesn’t have America’s interests on his mind. 

Either way, this is a war.  If there are missiles being shot, men and women dying, bullets flying, it’s a war. 

But Obama can’t even decide on that.


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