Why Libya?

Mohamar Qadaffi is a nut.  Let’s get that out of the way right now.  This guy has killed a lot of people, a lot of Americans no less.  Yet he has managed to survive the Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush again, and Obama administrations and remain in power.  Even now, with bombs and cruise missiles falling on his country, he vows to never give up.  Apparently, he has forgotten the lesson he learned during the Reagan years.  Remain quiet and all will be okay. 

President Obama gave a speech on Monday to explain the Libyan situation to the American people.  In my humble opinion, he failed to do this.  Sure, he said we can’t stand by and watch massacres take place, and we can’t.  America needs to be a force for good in the world.  He said, as he has done many times before, that the price of doing nothing would be too high.  If we do nothing, Qadaffi mass murders his people.  Wow, man, that’s some crystal ball you have there.  I hope the intelligence briefings Obama is getting explain what’s going on in Libya better than his speech did the other night.  Obama used this same argument for the stimulus bill.  If we do nothing, there will be children eating Alpo.  We gotta spend.  Now, this. 

Of course, it took him a month to decide what to do, and he only decided when other countries took the lead, along with  NATO, the UN, and the Arab League.  He waited until the rebels in Libya were no longer in a position to actually win the battle, until Qadaffi’s forces had pushed them to the brink of defeat.  Even today, the rebels face defeat, due in large part to the wishy washiness of our Commander in Chief.  We’re not at war.  Regime change isn’t our goal.  Humanitarian aid is what we are trying to do. 

Humanitarian aid is delivering food and water to people.  Protecting them from belligerent soldiers raping and shooting the citizens of a country.  Not lobbing cruise missiles from a safe distance.  That’s Clintonian. 

Let me say that I believe that we should be taking care of Qadaffi.  This guy has been a friend to terrorists and enemy of the West ever since he stole power in Libya.  Our goal should be pretty clear.  Kill Qadaffi.  That’s it.  Let the Libyans decide for themselves who will lead them.  Of course, this can backfire, too.  The Muslim Brotherhood can easily take over Libya. 

I wonder why we MUST help the Libyans who want regime change, but we ignored the Iranians who wanted regime change.  Or the Syrians.  Or the Bahranians.  I’ve heard a lot of talking heads give reasons for this.  I wonder why the international community was so hot to trot to go into Libya to protect the Libyans from Qadaffi, but they weren’t so quick to go into Iraq to protect Iraqis from Saddam Hussein.  By international community I mean NATO, France and the Arab league.  There was a significantly larger coalition of nations who went into Iraq with us than the one assembled for the Libyan operation.  But, hey, let’s not let fact get in the way of opinion. 

Why did we jump on the train to Libya?  Oil.  The Europeans will have a problem with oil supplies if the unrest in Libya continues too long.  That’s why the Europeans wanted to go in to Libya, but not into Iraq. 

And why not Iran or Syria?  Those nuts are going to be tougher to crack.  Libya looks like an easier target.  Syria’s leader has been praised as a reformer by Hillary Clinton.  If she means that he brutalizes his people and routinely maims women, then she would be right.  Syria makes Libya look like San Francisco when it comes to human rights.  Yet, no interest from our illustrious leader in the problems of the Syrians.  Iran had an uprising recently that was put down by the government of that country with bloodshed.  Protesters were killed.  Once again, Obama showed no interest in stopping those human rights violations.  Why? 

Maybe the administration is afraid of the repercussions of such actions.  Al Qaeda may attack us if we use military force on Iran.  We have tried economic sanctions and other diplomatic sleights of hand to get Mahmoud Ahmedinijad to stop pursuing nuclear weapons and killing his people.  All to no avail.  He continues to stand on his soapbox and screech about how the Jews are bad and America is the great Satan. 

I think is may be even more sinister than that.  I think that our president agrees with Ahmedinijad about a lot of things.  He believes that America deserves the evil we have been subjected to at the hands of Islamic terrorists.  After all, we have a very high standard of living.  People in the middle east poop in holes and live in huts.  How is that right?  Our president promised a “fundamental transformation” of America if he was elected.  Transform to what?    A socialist utopia where everybody has the same stuff?  Where we are all equally poor?  And the “green movement” is a way to redistribute American wealth throughout the world, so that all of the world’s people are equally poor.  We have seen and heard Obama’s devotion to the green movement.  Instead of drilling for oil to become less dependent on foreign oil, he wants to make us all use batteries to heat our hot water, vegetable oil to drive to work, and have control of the electricity coming into our homes by use of  “smart grid” technology.  It’s okay to loan money to Brazil so they can drill for oil, but we can’t develop and drill for it here.  Can you make sense of this? 

Maybe the Europeans can see Libya as a threat because of the impact on their oil supplies, but couldn’t see Iraq as the same.  The Europeans don’t care nearly as much about Libyan death as they do about keeping oil flowing into their countries.  And they sure don’t care about terrorist attacks as much as we do.  Maybe they won’t until kook Islamofascists fly a plane into Big Ben or the Eiffel tower.  Maybe not even then.  European pacifism gave us Hitler and Stalin.  They clearly aren’t learning. 

If, as President Obama says, Qadaffi needs to go, then we need to remove him.  And the international coalition needs to be led by the US.  If we will be providing most of the hardware and weaponry, we need to lead this force.  We need to plan the operation and carry it out, with other nations under our direction.  I mean, the French couldn’t stop Hitler.  Do we really want them leading the operation against Qadaffi?  Victory is clearly a foreign idea to these guys. 

The president needs to understand that he should be consistent in his actions, if not his words.  If we are going to act as the world’s police force, we have to be consistent.  If the Libyan thing is really about humanitarian aid, we have to be ready to act elsewhere in the world. 

Maybe we can start with China.  They seem to have issues with humane treatment of their people.


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