Budget Deal NOT a Victory for Boehner

I’ve intentionally stayed away from talking about the budget stuff going on in DC intentionally.  Democrats and Republicans see things so entirely differently that commenting on it seemed moot.  However, with the left screeching about how they got hammered in this deal, I could no longer restrain myself. 

News outlets all over are proclaiming Boehner the big winner in all this.  The idea is that he stood eye to eye with the Democrats and got what he ultimately wanted. 

Not even close. 

The Republicans threw out a number at the beginning of all this as to what they’d like to get in the way of budget cuts.  They arbitrarily chose $100 billion.  Nice round number.  A number the dumb masses could get behind.  And totally unrealistic.  The Democrats counter offered essentially zero cuts.  $6 billion.  That wouldn’t even be enough to buy Steve Austin in today’s money.  Also, totally unrealistic. 

The Republicans chose the slow bleed strategy of continuing resolutions, each time getting a little more in cuts.  A billion here, a billion there type of thing.  They got serious, however, when the president said he would not sign another continuting resolution.  Then, the game started for real. 

The number of $67 billion was then thrown around.  Two thirds of the original number.  Again, easy to get your brain around.  I did the math without any kind of electronic assistance, without even a pencil.  The Democrats responded.  $12 billion or so.  And on and on.  When it looked like the troops wouldn’t get paid (which they would get paid, since I did when the government shut down in 1995), the blame game started.  Republicans wanted to kill women.  Republicans wanted to destroy a woman’s reproductive rights (which amendment to the Constitution has that one?  I didn’t think so.)  Old people’s bodies would be piled up in the street.  Senior citizens would be deprived of meals, according to Nancy Pelosi.  The Republicans said, rightly, that we wouldn’t even be talking about this if the previous Congress has passed a budget for 2011.  But, since Democrats are political cowards, they didn’t want to do their jobs since it might cost them more seats.  There were meetings in the Oval office.  There were press conferences.  And, finally, with about 90 minutes to go, the sides agreed in principle on a continuing resolution for a week and a way to fund the government for the remainder of this fiscal year. 


Media outlets are proclaiming a victory for Boehner and the Tea Party Republicans.  Uh, Planned Parenthood is still being funded.  So is NPR.  These were the only things we really heard about in the budget battle.  How, exactly, is not getting the only thing the media really spoke about a victory? 

The answer is that it’s not.  $37 billion dollars.  One percent of the annual deficit.  That’s all they got.  Now, we get to listen to the anointed one crow about how he saved the day.  Excellent. 

President Obama will give a speech on Wednesday to outline his budget ideas for the 2012 fiscal year.  Good thing he’s leading on this.  The Republicans have had a proposal out for a week, and only after the 2011 budget was agreed to did he actually do anything.  I guess “lead” has a different meaning to me than it does to the Dems. 

His speech will propose ways to cut the deficit.  They will probably include making rich people pay more in taxes and cut the military.  Why do I say that?  Because Democrats always go after the “rich” one way or another and always find “savings” by weakening our country’s ability to defend itself.  George Washington said that the best way to ensure peace was to always be ready to go to war.  Are we ready to go to war? 

A couple of specific things I’ve heard are dropping the income limit for social security.  Now, here’s how smart Washington DC is.  Pay attention, here.  This is good. 

Right now, people who earn more than $250K stop paying into social security when they reach that amount of money paid to them in a year.  It is ostensibly the idea that these people will not be taking benefits from social security, so it’s not fair that they should pay into a system they won’t use.  If you remove that limit, people who make more than $250K will continue to pay into social security all year.  This is where you say “Ooof.”  This means that the entire system will be heavily funded by people who do not, and probably never will, get any benefit from the system.  It’s not like income taxes, where the American citizen at least gets interstates and military defense for their money.  This is money being tossed down a hole in Washington.  And, if that isn’t enough,  people who paid very little into the system will get the most benefit from it.  I guess to a Democrat, that’s fair. 

The Republicans don’t have any better ideas, really.  Raise the retirement age.  That means you get to pay into the system longer and get less benefit from it.  Why not raise the limit to 90?  100?  Even higher?  That would completely solve the social security problem, and give the politicians in Washington, Republican and Democrat, a bigger bag of taxpayer money to pilfer from. 

I heard on the radio today that we may be looking at $5 a gallon gas by the summer.  Higher taxes, higer fuel prices, higher prices on everything delivered by truck or train, all mean that the economy will not recover.  But, not to be deterred, Obama and the rest of the Democrat hacks will have an answer:  more government spending.  To do that, they’ll have to borrow more money.  To do that, they’ll have to raise the debt ceiling. 

Now, do you see why this won’t be a win for the Republicans or anybody who currently has a job?  The Democrats will say “We compromised with you guys.  Now you compromise with us.”  Even though no compromise should have been necessary.  The Democrat House, Senate, and White House did not approve a budget for this year due to a wobbly spine problem.  So, I say don’t raise the debt ceiling and let the cards fall where they may.  We are already seeing inflation everywhere except our paychecks, mostly becauses Obama embraces the Carterian ideas of managing the economy.  Print more money.  Kill the military.  Let third world jerks like Mohamar Qadaffi walk all over you. 

Is it too outlandish an idea to think all this is itentional?  Maybe the Dems didn’t pass a budget not because they were scared, but because they saw all this coming?  And the timing of it, leading into a presidential campaign, could set up the Dems to really stick it to the Republicans in next year’s election.  “Those guys want to cut your Medicare.  They want you to live in huts.  They want to take away your right to kill your unborn child. We’re your guys.  We won’t do any of that.” 

I hope it is too outlandish.  It means that the leaders of our nation want to destroy our nation.  Turn over control to the UN, or maybe NATO. 

Oh, they already did that.  On a small scale, at least. 

Pray for our country, and vote out people who don’t see things like you do.  Because, even if this is a win for Boehner, it’s a loss for the American people, and for the American way of life. 

If you can read this, thank a teacher.  If you can do it in English, thank a soldier.  If you have to answer the question about reading it in Spanish, thank a Democrat.


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