Liberalism 101: When a Tax Cut is Spending

I’ve lamented before that liberals like to muddy the waters in debate by renaming things.  During President Obama’s speech the other day, this muddying continued. 

As I predicted, he did like liberals always do when it comes to spending, and added class warfare for a little seasoning on that meal.  He promised to not renew the Bush tax rates again because giving a “$200,000 tax cut for people like me” just “isn’t right.”  He seems to think this will take care of the deficit.  He’s wrong.  There aren’t enough “millionaires and billionaires” in the United States to make up the deficit if you took 100% of all of their earnings, according to IRS numbers from as late as 2008.  That’s the class warfare.  The predictable part was that he promised to cut defense spending.  Good idea, since the world is at peace.  No conflict anywhere.  No American interests are in peril anywhere in the world, so we can afford to shut down big chunks of the military.  Right?  Wrong again.  We all know about the troubles in the Middle East, and we only have to look as far as the gas pump to see the results.  Of course, if you listen to liberals, speculators are to blame for high gas prices.  Like Bill O’Reilly said the other night, blaming speculators for high gas prices is like saying your horse won because of the bet you placed.  Unless there is collusion between oil companies and speculators, which could be the case, this argument doesn’t hold water. 

But the piece de resistance is that if you are allowed to keep more of the money you earned, it’s spending.  That’s right.  If you are a Democrat, you get to explain that one at the water cooler.  It’s not lower revenue.  It’s spending.  Democrats don’t want to say anything about revenue, because revenue is not the problem.  America doesn’t have a revenue problem.  It has a spending problem. 

I have an idea.  Why won’t government just tell us what they need to operate?  There’s the rub though.  Liberals think that government should provide housing, food, jobs, transportation, college education, manage energy, manage the economy, and a thousand other things, for everybody.  Government should have control of the food you eat, the energy coming into your home, and, most of all, the money you make.  Individuals need not apply.  To a liberal, you are a member of a group.  Some group.  Any group.  Doesn’t matter.  You aren’t an individual with dreams and needs that you want to provide for yourself, thank you very much, and you just want to live your life and be left alone by politicians.  You are a cog in a big machine.  The machine of government.  And, different people think the role of government is different.  I subscribe to the Libertarian idea that government is there to do things that you can’t do for yourself.  Defend the country.  Seal the border.  Build interstates.  Not things you won’t do for yourself.  Get a job.  Feed your kids.  Produce something. 

The mind of a liberal is a wonder.  It’s like one of those corn mazes.  You can walk for hours and get nowhere.  How demented do you have to be to think that keeping your hard-earned money is spending?  Is providing money for college education for kids who don’t belong in college spending?  How about subsidizing generation after generation of professional couch potatoes?   Is allowing healthy people to defraud the government to get social security spending?  How about doctors overcharging Medicare and Medicaid because neither will pay the charges they need to keep their business running?  Is that spending? 

I hope this glimpse at the mind of a liberal has been helpful.  You can usually recognize a liberal by the wild eyes and the spittle flying.  Or the tweed jacket.


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