Weiner Did It. You Surprised?

After a week of claiming his Twitter account was hacked and giving the press the run around, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) finally came clean.  Yesterday, he admitted to sending pictures of himself to a woman in Seattle, as well as having inappropriate conversations with several other women. 

I can’t stand Weiner.  Every time I see him giving a speech or being interviewed, his smugness makes me want to slap him.  Maybe this incident will tone some of that down.  At least temporarily. 

During his presser yesterday, he said he made a mistake, and that he was sorry.  He even had to apologize to Andrew Breitbart.  I’m pretty sure that was a sour pill to swallow.  But he said he won’t resign. 

I don’t think he should resign.  Yes he made a false claim and perpetuated it for a week.  That’s not a crime.  It doesn’t make him a criminal.  It does make him a liar, and untrustworthy.  The sending of the pictures makes him a pig.  That ain’t illegal either.  But let’s flip this around. 

When a Republican sent shirtless pics of himself to a woman he wasn’t married to, the Democrats screamed for his scalp.  Some Republicans have said they want Weiner to resign, but there hasn’t been nearly the uproar that there was in the previous case.  Not from Republicans, and not from the media.  I’d ask why, but we all know why.  The media is biased toward liberal Democrats.  I’ve complained about that before.  Nothing new here.

And there’s nothing new in an elected official showing off for the ladies, and expecting to be able to lie about it and keep his job.  These guys are really above the law.  They know the law and carefully stay inside the boundaries of it, but often go way outside the bounds of decency.  It’s not a surprise to me that Weiner is the kind of guy to send dirty pics to strange women, then lie about it.  I suspect that there are more like him in Washington. 

I hope the voters remember this incident when they go to the polls.  The talking heads, mostly on the left, seem to beleive that they are the only people who matter in all this. 

Maybe Weiner’s wife of less than a year would disagree with them.


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