It’s Been a Long Time

It has indeed been a while since I wrote on my blog.  A lot has happened since then.  Here’s a recap.

Casey Anthony may be able to wiggle off the hook.  Her attorneys have done a good job of introducing doubt as to the prosecution’s evidence.  I’m not so sure if it’s reasonable.  As a parent, if I had a child missing, I wouldn’t be going out and partying with my friends.  Her lie about the nanny was dispicable, and if the child did indeed die in an accident, why lie about it?  Accidents happen, and there are douchebag parents everywhere.  I think she killed the girl.  She needs to fry.

The Braves got roughed up by the Mets and the Rangers, then swept Toronto.  They have managed to maintain a .500 record in this home stand, and Brian McCann and Dan Uggla have started hitting long balls again.  The second half of the season will be interesting.

Jeff Gordon won a race a Pocono two weeks ago and ran okay at Michigan this last weekend.  I’m encouraged by the good runs.  Here’s hoping he can keep it up.

The Campaigner in Chief has thumbed his nose at Congress over the War Powers Act.  He has pleged to pull out of Afghanistan.  He has claimed to create millions of private sector jobs, which got him a laugh at a speech. 

The media is fawning over Michelle Bachman.  I like her, but to say she won the CNN debate is just nuts.  Every answer was how she raised six hundred kids.  Foreign Policy?  Six hundred kids.  Economy?  Six hundred kids.  Jobs?  Six hundred kids.  Look, the media chose our candidate last time and we got the Campaigner in Chief.  Let’s not let the media choose for us again. 

About that CNN debate, it looked to me like CNN wanted to get the Republican candidates to go after each other, and to make abortion and gay marriage the issues upon which voters choose their next president.  Having CNN host a Republican debate, since they are in the bag for the Campaigner in Chief, reminded me of a courtroom drama.  John King was the defense attorney, Obama the defendent, and the Repulicans were the prosecution witnesses.  If the defense attorney can discredit the prosecution witnesses, his client can go free.  Except that an attorney wouldn’t interrupt the witnesses fifteen seconds into a response.  Herman Cain is still the man. 

Newt Gingrich has had almost his entire team jump ship.  Gotta wonder why.  I’d love to see Gingrich tear into Obama in a debate.  It would be like Stephen Hawking debating a short bus special ed student. 

Athiests are trying to get the mention of heaven removed from a street sign in New York, citing separation of church and state.  They are OFFENDED.  Get over it.  The Constitution does not say anything about separation of church and state, nor does it say you have a right to never be offended. 

Lebron still doesn’t have a ring.  Yay.

So that’s about it for now.  I’m sure there will be more to talk about soon.


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