Illegals Arrested in Atlanta

I heard news reports about several demonstrators being arrested as they protested HB87 in downtown Atlanta today.  So, being concientious, I looked at the Atlanta Journal’s website for a story on this.  All I found was a thirty second video from the local ABC affiliate.  Now, this video was pretty stark in its imagery.  A huge yellow sign that said the demonstrators were undocumented and not hiding any more pretty much said it all.  Many of these were kids, brought here by their parents more than a decade ago.  Certainly they had no say in that action.

They did have a say in the action they took today. 

Chanting slogans, in English, they were celebrating the reversal of course imposed upon Georgia by a Federal judge, who blocked the house bill that was set to go into effect on Friday.  This bill is much like the Arizona bill that gives local police the leeway to question someone’s immigration status if they are stopped or involved in another police action.  These people were basically saying “We’re here, we’re illegal.  Whatcha gonna do?” 

For too long, our response to this question has been “Nothing.”  We are going to look the other way because we need slave labor to pick our lettuce.  And that’s what illegal immigrants are.  Slaves.  They will do backbreaking work for next to no money.  They work hard, have a strong family ethic, and pretty much keep to themselves for the most part.  None of that changes the fact that they BROKE THE LAW to come into our country.  Simply by being here, they are criminals.  It doesn’t matter that they are nice people or that they will work for two bucks an hour on a Georgia farm to harvest peaches.  It doesn’t matter to the store owner if my family is starving and I steal food.  I’m guilty of a crime.  The moment I make a decision to break the law and follow through on that decision, I’m a criminal.  Period. 

The illegal invaders are DARING us to do something to them.  Keep in mind that if you sneak into Mexico (maybe you need a burro.  Who knows?) and you are apprehended, your butt goes to jail.  But we have to listen to the Mexican government preach to us about how if we lock up Mexican invaders in our country, we are committing human rights violations.  We have to have the Guatemalan government accuse us of mistreating their citizens who snuck into our country.  By the way, Guatemala also locks you up if you sneak into their country.  Just sayin’. 

Apparently, in Latin America, their version of things doesn’t include that old golden rule.  You know.  Do unto others…

But these governments realize that if we stop their citizens from working in the US and sending money home to their families their economies would collapse.  I mean, if you can work in the US for a few bucks an hour and retire in Mexico like a king after ten years, how good can life be in Mexico?  If I want to retire, I’ll need hundreds of thousands of dollars.  I could retire in Mexico after working a Baskin Robbins for ten years. 

Okay, so things in Mexico are bad.  That does NOT give people the right to sneak into the US.  America has an immigration plan that allows people to become citizens.  It’s cumbersome and takes a long time.  It’s a pain in the butt.  But there are LEGAL ways to become a citizen.  Why don’t these people simply follow these channels to become US citizens?

The answer is simple.  BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT TO.  It’s better for them to spend a few hundred dollars to get forged documents, get passage into the country, then work for a beef processing plant, and send all of the money home, minus whatever you need to stay alive here.  Now, I don’t have any documentation to show this, but it seems pretty easy to figure out to me.  If I could run away somewhere, say, Canada, and work, tax free, in some freezing hell hole and send all of the money home to my wife and kids, while sharing a one bedroom apartment filled with bedbugs and cockroaches with twenty other guys, then return home in a few years and live like God, I might do that.  Except that I’m a law abiding citizen.  And, I’ve been to Canada.  I did not know that my body would react to that cold that way.  I went outside to get in my car and immediately said “Where in the hell did my testicles go?”  Turns out they were hiding from the cold. 

Now, I feel it necessary to tell you that these kids were only arrested when they sat down in the street and blocked traffic.  Their First Amendment rights (which they would have if they were citizens) were not violated. 

Am I saying there is no need for immigration reform?  Nope.  There is a need for reform.  The system that allows people to come herer and become citizens needs to be streamlined.  I’m even open to a guest worker card.  But first, we need to secure our southern border.  Before anything else happens, we need to stem the tide of illegal invaders coming into America.  After that, we can deal with the people already here.  And, after the border is secured, if you aren’t on a path to citizenship or you don’t have a guest worker card, your ass goes back across the border, to the other side of the wall. Bought a truck while you were here?  Sorry.  It belongs to Border Patrol now.  You have ten grand in a bank?  Too bad.  That’s money that will be spent on the schools in the community to hid out in. 

Until we get serious about dealing with law breakers like they are law breakers, this problem will not go away.  They are not undocumented workers.  They are CRIMINALS.  We need to treat them that way.


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