Gloria Allred: Worst Kind of Ambulance Chaser

We’ve all heard about ambulance-chasing lawyers.  And we sneer at them.  They are opportunists of the worst kind.  They creep along listening for sirens and getting to the site of some life-altering accident for someone who needs to focus on getting treatment and healing their body and mind.  These people are vultures, making their living off of the misfortune of others, and, in the process, often leaving the victim of the accident with a laughable settlement, while they take most of the money they recover.  It’s not illegal.  It’s just wrong.  At least to me it is.  I don’t have a lot of love for lawyers anyway, but these people really make my blood boil. 

What’s worse than that?  How about a lawyer who has a reputation for going after someone for a violation that is difficult to prove, and often results in the accused simply paying the accuser off to go away and avoid negative publicity?  These cases rarely have any proof other than testimony of friends and family of the accuser.  Most of these cases turn into a “he said she said” situation, and the attorney makes a lot of noise to embarrass the accused into paying her to go away.  That’s Gloria Allred.  She descends on a victim who is vulnerable and embarrassed and gets her to say the key words and tricky phrases to get the public to take her side.  Who would lie about that?  Unfortunately, lots of people would.  Including Allred. 

When a person is sexually assaulted or sexually harrassed, the perpetraitor is a low life who is used to getting his or her way.  This is a person who doesn’t like to hear the word “no.”  Money and power can buy anything, right?  Including the right to abuse others who have a lower station in life than you.  Right?  WRONG!  Anybody who uses their position of authority or power to score sexual favors is a creep who needs to have something removed.  Violently.  I mean, if you can afford the expensive hookers, why would you feel up the cleaning lady?  The smell of Pine Sol really turns you on that much?  Come on, Man!

Here’s the problem.  All that has to happen for Gloria to score a big payday is to find someone willing to accuse someone of sexual harrassment.  If the accused is innocent, the damage done to their reputation cannot be undone.  If a disgruntled teenage girl, who are always a picture of stability, decides she deserved an A on a science project and wants to hurt the teacher, all she has to do is accuse the guy of saying something or doing something sexual in nature, and the teacher is automatically ruined.  Even if the charges are ultimately discovered to be false, he can’t teach.  Anywhere.  He’s done.  Because some spoiled child who turned in substandard school work decided she would get even with the teacher.  And she walks away with a stern talking to, if that.  No charges of making a false accusation, nothing.  No repercussions for an ILLEGAL act. 

You are currently seeing the same thing in the Herman Cain case.  Mr. Cain has met thousands of people in his life, and, if the odds are what I think they are, about half of them were women.  Here come four women, fifteen years after the fact, accusing him of sexual harrassment, and in one case, sexual assault.  All at a time when he is gaining traction in the polls as he runs for the Republican Presidential nomination.  Curious. 

I’m not going to mislead you here.  I’m a fan of Herman Cain.  I think he can solve a lot of the problems caused by the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and his predecessor.  I believe he will surround himself with the right people to help get the country back on the right track.  And I don’t know if Herman did this stuff or not.  I’ve listened him a lot on the radio, and I don’t believe he is the right personality to do this stuff.  People with his background typically don’t treat women the way he has been accused of.  He’s not a narcissist.  He’s a down to earth guy raised in a two parent (one man, one woman) home.  He’s been married for a long time without even a sniff of scandal in his marriage.  He doesn’t seem the type.  I know there are closet abusers everywhere, but I just don’t think he did this.  And, since one of the women has a pattern of accusing co-workers of inappropriate behavior and making off with a payday, the credibility of the charges against Herman is diminished in my mind. 

Why Herman?  Why now?  Because the other GOP candidates are terrified of him.  Barak Obama is terrified of him too.  That’s why his goon squad has been on TV and radio calling Herman everything but a human being.  (The goon squad is MSNBC, and the rest of the American left.)  The only way to deal with him is to get him out of the race.  He’s a threat to Romney, who is Obama light, in more ways than one, and to Obama.  Obama would love to run against Romney.  Healthcare is off the table as a campaign issue. 

We will probably never know who told Politico to run this story.  All I know is the reputation of a good man is being smashed.  I will be shocked if any of these allegations prove to be true.  And I will be disappointed because I may have to move to New Zealand. 

I don’t think America can weather four more years of Obama’s “hope and change.”


One Response to “Gloria Allred: Worst Kind of Ambulance Chaser”

  1. Marilyn Claycomb Says:

    I would rather have anyone rather than to put the present president back in office. We’ve had enought change…It is all down hill to destroy our country that was fought for with blood and tears.Enough anti-american. The latest is the “Hoilday Tree” Some may think this is small stuff…but with all the small stuff and change we have experienced in the last 3 years it is destorying the America that 90% of us love and believe in!

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