Campaigner in Chief Will Say Anything…

Okay, so is there any limit to what a Democrat will say to convince you that his really bad idea is what the United States needs to be successful?  After last week, I can say that the answer to this question is, resoundingly, no. 

The President of the United States invoked the name of Jesus Christ when describing his plan to tax the rich.  He basically said that the rich are duty bound by the Bible to take care of the poor.  And because of this, the rich should pay more in taxes to take care of the poor. 

Wow.  Will this joker say anything. 

First of all, Jesus said that you should render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and render unto God that which is God’s.  That means to pay what you owe.  Not to pay what some beareaucrat sitting in Washington DC thinks you should pay.  The law is the law.  You owe what you owe.  Pay what you owe. 

But, since about five months ago, the president and his campaign advisers have been hammering away at the rich.  How many times have we heard “millionaires and billionaires,”  “private jet owners,” and “yacht owners” from the community organizer in chief?  This clown has basically said “The rich have money.  They should give it to the poor.   And if they won’t, we’ll find a way to get them to give the money to the poor.  With or without congress.  Whether or not it’s good for America.  I’m gonna steal this money from those who earned it, and give it to those who did not earn it.”

Now, I’m no biblical scholar, but I’m pretty sure that the bible frowns upon laziness.  I’m pretty sure that it says you should give the poor as much as you can afford to, and that you should not be a borrower nor a lender.  If the bible doesn’t want you to borrow, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t want you to steal from somebody else, especially since the commandments say you shouldn’t desire that which belongs to your neighbor.  Basically, the campaigner in cheif is trying to guilt you into propagating the ridiculous lie that is the liberal idea that taxing the rich is what Jesus wants.  First they said if you didn’t want higher taxes on the rich, you weren’t patriotic.  Now you’re a sinner. 

Hey, Mr. President, give me one good reason that higher taxes on rich shoud be enforced.  I’ll buy it.  But saying that God wants it is a lie.  Saying that it’s not patriotic is a lie.  Tell me it will help the American people.  Tell me that it will help the economy.  Tell me that the survival of our republic depends on it. 

You can’t tell me those things, though, can you?  You know that taxing the rich will hurt the economy, and that we will continue to have high unemployment.  But you have to lie.  You have to tell me that God will punish me if I don’t support taxing the rich guy that hired me.  Why don’t you tell me that I’m going to hell if I don’t vote all Democrat  in the next election?  After all, Democrats have always supported the causes of freedom.  Unless you count that Civil Rights thing.  And the slavery thing.  In fact, Democrats have stood in the way of progress for minorities for years.  Democrats continue to.  But, hey, let’s appeal to the emotions of people and not bother with facts. 

No, Mr. President.  You are a liar.  God wants us to take care of the poor with our money, not yours.  It’s our responsibilty to be charitable.  Unlike you and the rest of your Democrat buddies.  It’s not our responsibilty to give over our hard-earned money to you so you can promote whatever unGodly stuff you want to promote. 

But, hey, it’s an election year.  Anything goes, right?


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