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Obama Knows Best

June 19, 2012

I remember watching “Leave it to Beaver” reruns and wondering why my dad wasn’t more like Ward Cleaver.  Wise, kind, and even-handed, he always had good advice to young Beaver and Wally.  He seemed to understand their situation perfectly and knew what to do or say to help his sons.

Fast forward thirty years and I now see the President of the United States acting like he’s Ward Cleaver.  Except that he’s not wise.  He’s only kind to people he thinks will vote for him.  His advice to us is feeble on every front.  And he doesn’t understand the first thing about what is going on in American families right now.

This latest shameful attempt to buy votes from Latinos is an example of his out of touchedness, and his narcissism.

The content of his decision to choose not to enforce immigration law for certain groups of illegal aliens is, on its surface the right thing to do.  If a kid was brought here at age five and has lived here all their life, stayed out of trouble, and done well in school, that kid shouldn’t be deported.  Their parents should, but the kid shouldn’t.  (This brings another problem up.  Stick with me here and I’ll address that, too)  However, his tactics in getting this done are deplorable for a true American president.

President Obama seems to think that he knows best what we the people need.  So what if Congress has passed laws, and he took an oath to uphold those laws?  If Obama feels the laws are unjust,  his justice department simply won’t enforce them.  Period.  He knows better than all of those Congressmen and women that came before him.  He is, after all, the smartest man in the room.  He just can’t seem to do math when it comes to job creation, debt, and taxes.  He knows what America needs, and by golly, he is not going to let the Constitution get in his way.

This doesn’t sound like a president to me.  Presidents lead.  They try to join groups of people together.  They solve problems.  They listen.  Rulers make up laws as they see fit, their word being the final word in any situation.  And I think we can agree that the president hasn’t done a whole lot to join anyone together.  He hasn’t solved any problems.  He has blamed everyone from ATM’s to the Grinch for the problems his failed policies have beset upon us.  This guy sounds like he thinks he’s Ceasar or something.

The idea that kids should be deported if they are here illegally, even if they don’t have family in their homeland, is preposterous.  These kids are American everywhere except on paper.  Their parents are illegal, and should be deported.  But we know that the American government isn’t in the business of breaking up families, unless the family is black.  So, maybe the parents get to stay too.  Here’s how I think they should get to stay:

1.  Turn yourself in and immediately start the immigration process to become US citizens.  Give them three months or six months to do this.  If they don’t, the next time you get pulled over for running a redlight, your butt in on a bus back to wherever it is you came from.

2.  If you brought a kid here, the kid can declare to the immigration department that they are here and intend to stay and become citizens, once they turn 18.  If they turn 18 and don’t do this, they are committing a crime and will be punished for doing so.

3.  Secure the borders with Mexico and Canada.  Once that’s done and we have control over who’s coming into the country, set up stations to process illegals.  Guest worker cards, green cards, and the legal immigration process can be started at these TEMPORARY stations.  These stations can be set up anywhere they are needed.  President Obama loves government workers, and here’s a chance to hire a boat load of them.  Anyone who does not cooperate with this step is a criminal and will be punished as a criminal.

Note, I did not say pay fifty grand in back taxes or fees, or anything like that.  Hey, you got over on us for how many ever years you were here.  From this point, you follow the law.  If you don’t, you get punished.  Up to and including deportation.

If you commit crimes in the US, you get locked up until the border is secured, then you get deported.

That brings us to the kids.  Parents and kids get to stay here if the kid was brought here before age sixteen, if the parents declare this to the government.  At age sixteen, the kid can get a work permit.  At age eighteen, the must choose America or their home land.  If they choose America, they start the citizenship process.  If not, they go home.

I’m not the smartest man in the room.   These steps seem pretty simple to me.   It lets people stay who want to be citizens.  It lets them stay here, even if they don’t want to be citizens, until their kid is eighteen.

But President Obama is not the one to put this plan in place.  Congress is.  That’s what the Constitution says.  Congress makes laws.  The Executive Branch enforces them.

Why will you never see something like this enacted?  Libtards and the media will tell you it’s because Republicans hate brown people.  They will tell you that Republicans have blocked the so called Dream Act.  Liberals will not settle for anything else but “Comprehensive Immigration Reform,” which means amnesty for all illegals currently in the country.  They won’t settle for anything less.  Republicans have proposed several immigration reform actions, all of which have not been voted on because of Harry Reid and other senate Democrats.  Any immigration legislation must have “compromise” on the part of Republicans.  Not from Democrats, mind you.  Just Republicans.  And any immigration legislation that does not include amnesty for all illegals will simply be tucked away in Harry Reid’s desk, never to be seen again.

Obama’s speech on Thursday is why this is even being discussed.  The economy was worse than we thought.  ATM’s cost jobs.  It’s Bush’s fault.  It’s the tsunami.  It’s evil greedy rich people sitting on their cash.  The rich aren’t paying their fair share.  Obama had to do something to deflect attention away from his abyssmal record on the economy and jobs.  This immigration vote buying scheme is a diversion from what a pantywaste whiner the most powerful man in the world really is.

Still think he knows best?


Illegals Arrested in Atlanta

June 29, 2011

I heard news reports about several demonstrators being arrested as they protested HB87 in downtown Atlanta today.  So, being concientious, I looked at the Atlanta Journal’s website for a story on this.  All I found was a thirty second video from the local ABC affiliate.  Now, this video was pretty stark in its imagery.  A huge yellow sign that said the demonstrators were undocumented and not hiding any more pretty much said it all.  Many of these were kids, brought here by their parents more than a decade ago.  Certainly they had no say in that action.

They did have a say in the action they took today. 

Chanting slogans, in English, they were celebrating the reversal of course imposed upon Georgia by a Federal judge, who blocked the house bill that was set to go into effect on Friday.  This bill is much like the Arizona bill that gives local police the leeway to question someone’s immigration status if they are stopped or involved in another police action.  These people were basically saying “We’re here, we’re illegal.  Whatcha gonna do?” 

For too long, our response to this question has been “Nothing.”  We are going to look the other way because we need slave labor to pick our lettuce.  And that’s what illegal immigrants are.  Slaves.  They will do backbreaking work for next to no money.  They work hard, have a strong family ethic, and pretty much keep to themselves for the most part.  None of that changes the fact that they BROKE THE LAW to come into our country.  Simply by being here, they are criminals.  It doesn’t matter that they are nice people or that they will work for two bucks an hour on a Georgia farm to harvest peaches.  It doesn’t matter to the store owner if my family is starving and I steal food.  I’m guilty of a crime.  The moment I make a decision to break the law and follow through on that decision, I’m a criminal.  Period. 

The illegal invaders are DARING us to do something to them.  Keep in mind that if you sneak into Mexico (maybe you need a burro.  Who knows?) and you are apprehended, your butt goes to jail.  But we have to listen to the Mexican government preach to us about how if we lock up Mexican invaders in our country, we are committing human rights violations.  We have to have the Guatemalan government accuse us of mistreating their citizens who snuck into our country.  By the way, Guatemala also locks you up if you sneak into their country.  Just sayin’. 

Apparently, in Latin America, their version of things doesn’t include that old golden rule.  You know.  Do unto others…

But these governments realize that if we stop their citizens from working in the US and sending money home to their families their economies would collapse.  I mean, if you can work in the US for a few bucks an hour and retire in Mexico like a king after ten years, how good can life be in Mexico?  If I want to retire, I’ll need hundreds of thousands of dollars.  I could retire in Mexico after working a Baskin Robbins for ten years. 

Okay, so things in Mexico are bad.  That does NOT give people the right to sneak into the US.  America has an immigration plan that allows people to become citizens.  It’s cumbersome and takes a long time.  It’s a pain in the butt.  But there are LEGAL ways to become a citizen.  Why don’t these people simply follow these channels to become US citizens?

The answer is simple.  BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT TO.  It’s better for them to spend a few hundred dollars to get forged documents, get passage into the country, then work for a beef processing plant, and send all of the money home, minus whatever you need to stay alive here.  Now, I don’t have any documentation to show this, but it seems pretty easy to figure out to me.  If I could run away somewhere, say, Canada, and work, tax free, in some freezing hell hole and send all of the money home to my wife and kids, while sharing a one bedroom apartment filled with bedbugs and cockroaches with twenty other guys, then return home in a few years and live like God, I might do that.  Except that I’m a law abiding citizen.  And, I’ve been to Canada.  I did not know that my body would react to that cold that way.  I went outside to get in my car and immediately said “Where in the hell did my testicles go?”  Turns out they were hiding from the cold. 

Now, I feel it necessary to tell you that these kids were only arrested when they sat down in the street and blocked traffic.  Their First Amendment rights (which they would have if they were citizens) were not violated. 

Am I saying there is no need for immigration reform?  Nope.  There is a need for reform.  The system that allows people to come herer and become citizens needs to be streamlined.  I’m even open to a guest worker card.  But first, we need to secure our southern border.  Before anything else happens, we need to stem the tide of illegal invaders coming into America.  After that, we can deal with the people already here.  And, after the border is secured, if you aren’t on a path to citizenship or you don’t have a guest worker card, your ass goes back across the border, to the other side of the wall. Bought a truck while you were here?  Sorry.  It belongs to Border Patrol now.  You have ten grand in a bank?  Too bad.  That’s money that will be spent on the schools in the community to hid out in. 

Until we get serious about dealing with law breakers like they are law breakers, this problem will not go away.  They are not undocumented workers.  They are CRIMINALS.  We need to treat them that way.

Obama and Immigration: Long on Rhetoric, Short on Details

May 12, 2011

Yesterday, the Campaigner in Chief gave a little speech in Texas.  He whined that people wouldn’t think anything he’s done on the border would be enough, even joking that after wanting a taller fence and more border agents, they would want a moat.  With alligators. 

All I can say to that is damn straight, Mr. President.  Whatever it takes.  A fifty foot high fence with spikes and constantine wire on the top, a 500 foot wide moat, alligators, crocodiles, leeches, scorpions, snakes, dingos and ill tempered housecats.  Whatever it takes. 

What does the president want to do?  VIRTUAL SECURITY?  What does this mean?  Cameras and laser beams that alarm when someone tries to get across?  Predator drones to document the “undocumented workers?” 

The problem is nobody knows.  This is by design.  The president doesn’t want to tell what he really wants to do, which is to pick up these clowns in busses as they come across the border and take them directly to the closest poultry plant.  Hand them a green card and get them into government housing.  Sign their kids up for school, and get them Medicaid access. 

Instead we get border agents with non lethal weapons, segments of partially completed fence, and policies that punish American businesses for hiring the cheapest labor they can find. 

Maybe it’s time for real leadership.  Check out Herman Cain.  This guy is NOT a career politician.  He has run corporations, solved problems, and actually knows about business.  He’s the right guy for the job.  And he will take care of the illegal immigrant problem in America.

Arizona Immigration Bill Text

April 29, 2010

Everybody is chiming in on the Arizona Immigration Law, so I thought I’d link to an explanation of each part of the Law.  Now that we have discovered this to be a “sin” as reported by HLN, I figured it might be a good idea to see the bill. 

All of the throwing around of the idea that this bill allows or requires Arizona law enforcement to stop and demand “papers” from suspected illegals is simply a lie.  This law actually says that stopping of someone for this purpose alone is not allowed by this law.  If, however, a person is stopped or involved in other police activity, then the police are allowed (and required) to establish the person’s immigration status.  The law even goes as far as what forms of ID are allowable. 

The leftist media’s use of the word “papers” is a ploy to instill the idea of Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia.  Don’t fall for it.  All it means is identification.  A valid Arizona driver’s licence is allowable, and if you are pulled over for speeding, you have to show that any way. 

There are those on the left that are also upset because there doesn’t appear to be any provisions for businesses who hire illegals.  Again, these people should read the bill.  It not only covers what happens to businesses who knowingly hire illegals or ignore the law with respect to their immigration status, it also covers people who pick up day laborers to do work for them.  If you pick up several people to build a deck for you, and you are pulled over for having a tail light out, you can be fined and your car impounded.  So, the myth that people who take advantage of illegals aren’t punished is again, a myth. 

As usual, the media, groups like La Raza, and the President of the United States himself, have intentionally distorted this law.  The law acutally says that the state can’t go farther than the Federal government, and that if the state needs to transport people who are apprehended and found to be here illegally, they must follow legal channels to do so. 

The president is counting on ignorance to carry the day here, just like he did in November, 2008.  Information and truth are the enemy of the modern liberal.  Ignorance, as they say, is bliss.  If you, the people, don’t know what’s in this bill, you have to believe what you are told, by the Obamamania media, to borrow a phrase from Sean Hannity.  Don’t believe them!  Do your own research.  I’ve added a link to the explanation of this bill and you can look a the actual text from there.  Do it. 

This law is not racist, is not bigoted, is not a sin.  It is an attempt by a state to enforce a law that the people who wrote the law refuse to enforce.  I hope other states adopt a similar stance. 

Next, I’d like to discuss the idea of boycotting Arizona.  San Fransisco has called for a boycott of all things Arizona.  So has an Arizona congressman.  An Arizona congressman.  Think about that.  He’s saying, “Hurt businesses in my state and hurt the citizens I’m supposed to represent for political purposes.”  If that doesn’t tell you all you need to know, well, you are pretty thick.  The people in power right now should be known as the Noseless Party, because they cut of their own noses just to spite their faces.  Obama went after fifty people who made ridiculous bonuses and hurt the entire world’s economy.  You think a few more unemployed people and shops going out of business will deter them?  This is about getting the people here illegally to become citizens so they will vote for Democrats.  At any cost.  These people will ignore our laws and national soveriegnty to get more votes. 

It’s time for them to be fired.  Obama has asked blacks, Latinos, and women to get energized and vote in the mid term elections.  I guess the guilty white liberals who voted for him are no longer welcome. 

Read the law.  Decide for yourself.  Send me a comment.  But think for yourself, and don’t be led over the cliff by the shepherd and his band of losers.

Illegal Immigration Protests Explode in AZ

April 27, 2010

On Friday, Arizona’s governor signed into law a bill that allows police in Arizona to check the immigration status of people suspected of being in the US illegally.  A furor has been sparked over this, predictably, from anti-immigration reform people in Arizona.  The furor, however, has turned violent, unlike the Tea Party protests.  Interestingly enough, the mainstream media isn’t covering the violence that actually did happen like they did alleged violence that did not happen.  But I digress. 

The concerns from the left over this law are that some civil rights may be violated.  A poll taken today in Arizona says 73% of Arizonans support the law, and that 53% of the same people say that the law will be difficult to enforce without violating the civil rights of people here illegally. 

My response to the civil rights question is “SO WHAT?”  The people in question here are, by the act of being in this country, criminals.  They are breaking the law just by sneaking into our country.  By being here illegally, they forfeit some rights.  Civil rights are gloriously undefined, and any perceived sleight toward one group by another could raise a civil rights lawsuit.  Any perceived unfair treatment could raise a civil rights lawsuit.  Here’s an idea:  spell out who has what civil rights.  The way things stand right now, I could be sued for not holding the door open for a black person.  It’s not right.  That’s really the issue with the immigration deal.  Coming into our country and stressing local economies with more school age children, more emergency room visits, more expense to translate signage to the language of their native land, all that stuff isn’t right.  If you want to come to America for a better life, do it legally. 

I’ve been accused in the past of being a little too simplistic in my approach to complicated issues.  This one isn’t complicated at all.  People are breaking our laws.  Whatever the law says should happen to them should happen to them.  Deportation, imprisonment, whatever.  Enforce the law.  But, if you are a democrat fighting for your political life, the issue becomes complicated. 

On the one hand, you don’t want to upset a potential voting block by actually enforcing the law.  On the other hand, you don’t want to aggavate the people here who actually can vote by doing nothing. 

I find it interesting that Janet Napolitano, former governor of Arizona, vetoed similar legislation when she was in office, but approved of punishing businesses who hire illegals.  Since the president has shown a good deal of contempt for the private sector, it doesn’t surprise me that a cabinet member of his would react in this way. 

The real truth of all of this is that nothing you do will change the problem of illegal immigration until we secure the border with Mexico.  Once that’s done, then legislation can be more effective.  And the legislation should be three-pronged.  First, you hold the illegal invader responsible for what he or she has done.  Second, you punish businesses that profit from exploiting these people.  Finally, legal immigration needs to be streamlined.  It’s ridiculous for it to take 8 years for someone to be allowed to become a citizen.  Simple, right?  But, a good many of these people don’t want to be citizens.   They want to come here and work, send money back home, supporting the economies in their homelands, or just come here and live off the government teat.  That complicates things.   

The left has said that securing the border is cost prohibitive.  Not when you consider the cost to the local governments absorbed by providing services to these people.  You could probably get a couple of hundred people to donate the materials for a pretty strong fence.  You know.  An electrified one with constantine wire across the top.  This idea that a fence like this would cost billions of dollars is preposterous.  Even a twenty foot tall chain link fence is better than what we have now: nothing.  And a chain link fence just ain’t that expensive. 

I want to be clear here.  Legal immigration is what this country was built on.  Immigrants from all over the world have literally built up this country with the strength of their backs and the passions of their spirits.  These folks came here and became part of our society, bringing with them their cultures and customs.  They learned our language, worked and paid their taxes, and followed our laws.  They didn’t come here and demand that we issue them driver’s licenses in Spanish.  They didn’t come here and leave their family in the old country.  They came and did it right.   I’m not against legal immigration.  I’m against illegal immigration.  And I think if the president thinks that Latinos will mindlessly vote for Democrats if he gets them amnesty, he is miscalculating.  Most of these people have conservative family values, are religious, and don’t believe in handouts.  Not yet anyway.  They come here to escape poverty and opression.  They don’t want to trade one kind of opression of another kind.  And in the end, bigger government equals opression. 

I applaud Arizona.  They took action to protect their citizens from violent illegal immigration when the Federal government wouldn’t do anything to do so.  I don’t know if the law will stand, but I’m glad that someone finally forced the president’s hand.  Now, we’ll know if he is for amnesty for sure. 

As if there is any doubt.