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What Is a College Education Worth?

August 31, 2011

I’ve had about enough. 

I’ve had enough listening to the arguments for paying college athletes to play sports while they are in school.  Listening to the jocks on ESPN whine that these guys are being taken advantage of by the universities they play for.  Yeah.  Poor kid.  Being given an education worth a hundred grand or more in exchange for their efforts on the athletic field.  Cry me a river.  

But what is a college education really worth to these kids?  It’s always stated that a lot of them come from poor backgrounds where they “have nothing,” where playing ball is the only way to escape from the cycle of poverty their families are trapped in.  Why, then, do a lot of these kids end up right back where they started, with no degree, busted up knees, and no skills they can sell in the private marketplace?  It’s because a college education that promises the ability to work in the world and make six figures isn’t worth as much as the possibility of making nine figures in the NFL or NBA. 

Look, these are young people.  Teenagers.  Teenagers are notorious for not thinking ahead, for living in the right now and not getting ready for the down the road.  And if a kid is raised by a parent who doesn’t teach them how to think about the future in terms of life after football or basketball, they won’t think that way.  Young people need guidance from someone other than some whistle blowing jerk coach who only cares about how many carries he can get out of a kid on Saturday.  And that doesn’t happen these days. 

The math doesn’t lie.  There are over one hundred Division I colleges in the US.  If each team has 70 players, that is about 7,000 players in college.  If we say one fourth of those are seniors, that’s 1,750 kids coming into the NFL draft in a given year, not counting underclassmen who declare early for the draft.  Each team gets six picks, 32 teams, that’s 192 players.  1,750 kids trying to get 192 spots.  They can’t all get drafted.  Sure, a few get signed as undrafted free agents, but not many of these kids make the team.  Most of these kids won’t be pro football players.  It’s even worse for basketball, because the squads are smaller in the NBA (twelve players), and there are more D-I basketball programs. 

So, why would a kid not take advantage of the education he or she is given to play college sports?  They don’t see it as necessary.  They can go back to the old neighborhood and make a living on the street, if they want to.  Maybe a better living than getting a job as a result of having a degree.  The life expectancy is shorter, but, hey, you live big while you live.  Once you’re dead, you don’t care anymore.

Maybe it’s time, not to pay these kids with a scholarship, but simply pay them fifty thousand a year and not even force them to go to class.  If they want to spend their money on school, fine, but it’s up to them.  We get NFL and NBA teams to sponsor several schools and treat the university like a farm system.  It happens in baseball.  A kid can get drafted out of high school, then play ball or go to college.  They get a scholarship, but they CHOOSE school over pro ball.  We should make these kids choose.  They get four years of eligibility, get $50K a year, regardless of injury, and once their four years is up, they go back to the ‘hood and do whatever. 

At least then the school would be honest and the player would be honest about what they hope to get from the relationship. 

Of course, this plan has some problems.  Some teams would have college teams loaded with hired guns who don’t have the problem of studying or going to class.  Fine.  Who cares?  They are in the farm system, not student/athletes. 

By the way, the university gets to keep all the revenue they earn from putting on these games.  Minus the salaries for the kids.  And every kid gets the same money, so no corruption, no favors, nothing.  Anybody who violates this rule is off the team and ineligible for play in the farm system, and must sit out until the end of his eligibility plus one year from the pro team.  They lose their salary, too. 

How well are D-I schools doing at graduating players?  According to, not too well.  Only one D-I school that has been ranked in football or basketball is in the high performing schools regarding graduation rates.  Notre Dame. 

In fairness, the worst performing schools aren’t big name schools, either.  And all of the schools on the list do a better job at graduating athletes than the university does at graduating regular old students. 

These kids see dollar signs when they get to go play at a big school.  They don’t see a degree.  So, how much is the degree worth? 

Not much. 

(I understand that many students do graduate.  The media is chocked full of players who did not.  I just think it’s time to be honest about your goals.)


Summitt Diagnosed With Dementia

August 24, 2011

University of Tennessee women’s basketball coach was diagnosed with dementia today.  It’s a sad day for her and her family, and for Volunteer basketball fans as well.

In case you don’t know, Summitt has won more basketball games than any coach in Division I college basketball.  That includes Adolph Rupp, Dean Smith, and anybody else you can think of.  The Volunteers, under Summit’s leadership, have won six national titles.  She’s a winner, and has never had any inclinations on the part of the NCAA that she cheated. 

It’s a sad day that Americans are still suffering from dementia.  Pat’s case points to this idea.  There has been promising research done on stem cells to help Alzheimer’s patients.  Why are we not pursuing this research? 

In any case, this post isn’t about political or religous ideology.  It’s about what Pat Summit has accomplished, and what she plans to do next. 

She’s not giving up coaching yet.  She plans to keep going until she can’t any more, relying on her staff and medical people to help her stay in the game as long as she can.  This is a courageous approach to a terrifying ordeal.  She deserves our admiration for showing this courage. 

In a time when college sports has almost daily reports on players having trouble with the cops and universities getting caught up in cheating, Pat is a refreshing change.  She demands the best from her players and from herself.  She doesn’t let college kids get away with making excuses for not performing.  And I’m pretty sure that if a player of hers had a run in with the cops, that player would have to deal with it like an adult. 

Now, I don’t know if any women players have had these issues like their male counterparts.  I’ve never heard of any, but that doesn’t mean that it has never happened.  Women’s athletics doesn’t exactly get the same coverage as men’s athletics do.  And these ladies understand that most of them will need to go pro in something other than sports, so they don’t have the hangers on that men athletes do. 

At any rate, I wish Pat the best, and I hope and pray that she will be able to continue for a long time to come.  Good luck, Pat.  We’re cheering for you, and this time, the game is much more important than any other you’ve been part of.

The End of NASCAR?

March 25, 2011

I saw something over the past weekend I haven’t seen before.  Empty seats at Bristol Motor Speedway. 

Known as the world’s fastest half mile, the racing at Bristol has long been rough and tumble.  Cars have been in victory lane with front clips torn off, tire marks all over the doors, rear bumpers dragging the ground.  Sprint Cup cars turn a lap there in under twenty seconds.  With progressive banking, the track provides side by side racing for five hundred laps. 

Yet, the track had empty seats this weekend.  What used to be the toughest ticket to come by in sports isn’t so tough to get any more.  People used to travel from all over for a Bristol race.  Not any more. 


It’s pretty simple.  NASCAR has priced themselves out of the market.  With the fans of the sport mostly blue collar folks who work hard for the money they make, and with jobs being scarce all over the place, fans have to choose between rent and food or racing.  They used to choose racing.  Not any more.  I wonder why that is.

The days of “cage rattling” died with Dale Earnhardt.  Now drivers have a more vanilla personality.  The closest thing we have in the sport to a villain is Kyle Busch, an incredibly talented driver who knows he’s talented.  He owns Bristol.  No matter where he starts, he gets to the front at the end of the race and has won a lot there.  He typically doesn’t have to rattle anyone’s cage.  He just drives around them.  In the Nationwide race on Saturday he spun Brad Keslowski after Keslowski put the chrome horn to Busch’s car.  Then Busch drove away.  No serious challenges from anyone else.  NASCAR needs its heroes, and its villains.  Everybody who’s a fan has a driver they love and one they love to hate.  But that second category is getting harder to fill.

The racing now is better than it has been in a long time.  But I think old time fans who remember the “Tide Ride,” coffee sponsors, and the black number three can’t seem to reconcile the racing and the official everything of NASCAR.  With everything from beer to tampons being labeled the official whatever of NASCAR, people long for the days of the owner/driver.  Guys like Alan Kulwicki are gone forever.  Nowadays, a team needs hired guns on the pit crew, an engineer on the pit box, and a cover guy (or girl) behind the wheel.  Simply having passion and guts isn’t enough anymore.  Now you need a multi-million dollar sponsor, a two hundred thousand square foot shop and three hundred employees just to be competitive.  Look at Robby Gordon.  He owns the car he drives, and he usually drives around in the back of the pack. 

We may be witnessing the end of NASCAR.  The races will continue, but the fans that made NASCAR what it is are being left behind.  Atlanta Motor Speedway lost one of its two races.  Darlington Raceway is down to one race.  The main reason is that the local areas can’t fill up the track.  And that is because a ticket to a NASCAR race costs $150.  If you have two kids and a wife who likes racing (like mine does), you can barely afford to get into the track, much less buy beer and turkey legs. 

NASCAR needs to dance with the ones that brung ’em.  Great racing isn’t enough. 

Without fans, it’s just forty three guys going fast and turning left.

Sabol Diagnosed with Brain Tumor

March 21, 2011

If you are a fan of the NFL, put your disgust with the current labor situation aside and join me in wishing Steve Sabol well and saying a prayer for him. 

Sabol, the NFL films guy, was diagnosed with a brain tumor over the weekend.  If you don’t know who Steve Sabol is, let me tell you.

If you’ve ever seen those old films of the NFL, Steve probably shot the film, or edited it, or had some other input into the production of the film.  He was the camera man for NFL Films at the Ice Bowl, that historic game between the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers.  Steve’s dad, Ed, started NFL Films in the sixites.  NFL Films has become the keeper of NFL history.  Their cameras have been at every game, taking film and documenting all the big moments, good and bad, in the history of the game.  I personally have enjoyed the bloopers films.  Moments that showed stars in their human moments on the football field.  No one was immune from these moments.  John Elway, Dan Marino, Archie Manning, Ken Stabler, all had bloopers documented by the NFL Films crews.  These guys were precision players who made mistakes on the field to be sure, but silly moments like when Elway lined up behind his left guard to take a snap were what the bloopers films were all about. 

Sabol has interviewed every player of import in the league, has presided over the creation of films that show us what football used to be like, and has been instrumental in keeping the mystique of American football alive. 

So, please say a prayer for Steve.  He’s one of the good guys in the NFL.  Even though he’s not IN the NFL, he has been as important to it as commissioners and players have been, playing his part to shine the light of mystery on the NFL, and to highlight the best and worst of the league. 

Get well, Steve.  When you do, maybe your fight can be documented.  It’s as important as the Ice Bowl.  Maybe even more so.  And, I’ll bet that the fight will be as good as any we’ve seen on the field.  I hope you win.

Bowl Update

January 2, 2011

I’ll keep this one short and sweet. 

No conference in the country can hold a candle to the SEC. 

If you have any doubt about this, ask Michigan and Michigan State.  They got waxed by Mississippi State and Alabama, respectively.  Ask Penn State, who lost at least a respectable game to Florida.  Okay, so a 6-6 Tennessee beat themselves, lost in overtime.  Georgia couldn’t score a touchdown against a C-USA team, but held them to only one TD and on FG.  And South Carolina hung around in their game until late, even though their best offensive player got hurt in the first quarter.  Moral of the story:  even a weakened SEC team can still win the game against the other conferences, who are weaker.  Across the board. 

And for all you Big 10 fans out there, you can kiss my Southern grits.  0-5 in bowl games to this point.  Even Wisconsin, who had a weight advantage on their line of over twenty pound a man couldn’t beat TCU.  TCU should destroy the Big East next year. 

The results speak for themselves.  And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

Sports Update Correction

December 21, 2010

In my last sports update, I commented that Virginia Tech’s football team stumbled down the stretch.  I was incorrect.  They stumbled at the beginning of the season, which has certainly affected their final ranking.  They did win the ACC title game over Florida State.  But, the season was a disappointment for them because of the early loss to James Madison.  This loss affected their final ranking in the BCS. 

In other news, the Miami heat had their twelve game winning streak broken.  That’s all. 

That’s all I had to say.  More to follow.

Sports Update

December 17, 2010

College Football All Amercans were announced this past week.  What’s interesting is that the SEC had five first team All Americans.  The PAC 10 had two.  The competition level is so high in college football that the Heisman Trophy winner from last year was not voted an All American.  The Big Ten was well represented, as was the Big Twelve.  No other conference had five first team All Americans.  And the SEC had the Heisman winner in Cam Newton. 

SEC football is the most competitive conference in America.  These teams pound on each other all year, then pound on whomever they play in bowl games.  Last year, the SEC had something like seven representatives in bowl games.  This year is the same story, although I don’t expect the SEC to do quite as well as they have in the past.   

The Auburn/Oregon matchup is interesting.  Auburn has seen some great running backs this year, including Mark Ingram, and done pretty well against them.  Oregon’s offensive attack is an option-style offense that has a lot of weapons.  Auburn hasn’t seen an attack like this this season.  Their defense better be ready for a shootout.  If Auburn’s defense can stop LaMichael James and contain their QB, they should be in good shape.  The weapons Oregon has are many.  But Auburn has the prime weapon in Cam Newton, and their offensive line is big and fast and should be able to keep the hounds at bay.  My prediction:  Auburn 38, Oregon 35. 

The list of bowl games is long.  Some games of interest:

Boise State/Utah.  Boise’s loss to Nevada ruined a pretty good year for the Broncos.  One loss and they are playing in the MAACO Bowl against Utah.  Should be a yawner, but if Boise blows out Utah, it will be interesting to see how high in the rankings they go.  My prediciton:  Boise State 56, Utah 14.

Air Force/Georgia Tech. Two option teams.  Lots of running.  Not a lot of passing.  I think the team that can throw for one hundred yards wins this game.  Georgia Tech’s starting quarterback is out with a broken arm and may not be back for this game.  Without him, Josh Nesbitt, the Yellowjackets are in trouble.  My prediction:  Air Force 24, Georgia Tech 14.

South Carolina/Florida State.  This game is interesting because both teams were one game a way from a BCS game.  Instead, they play in Atlanta at the Chik Fil A Peach Bowl.  South Carolina and the old ball coach Steve Spurrier have proven themselves to be a good team, but youth and one or two plays in a game have made the difference in being good and really good.  FSU’s first season without Bobby Bowden was full of ups and downs.  Their offense is more pro-style and will expose the secondary of South Carolina.  My prediction:  FSU 28, South Carolina 17. 

Ohio State/Arkansas.  This may be the only game I’m rooting against the SEC.  I truly despise Bobby Petrino.  The way the quit on the Atlanta Falcons and left the players a NOTE was cowardly and he is a douche.  Still, Arkansas’ passing game is good, and Ryan Mallett is a mobile quarterback who has an accurate arm.  Ohio State has been the class of the Big Ten, and since the decline of Michigan, has had to play only one or two tough games a year.  My prediction:  Arkansas 17, Ohio State 14 in a defensive ball game.

Stanford/Virginia Tech.  Virginia Tech’s season was a bit of a letdown.  Their ACC title hopes diminished as the year went on and this game could be a blowout.  The Hokies’ coach Bob Beamer better get their heads on right, or Stanford could kill them.  My prediciton:  Stanford 31, Virginia Tech 17.

I think LSU and Auburn will win their games, making an SEC team the national title holder for two years in a row, and something like 6 of the last nine. 

In other sports, Memphis barely beat Austin Peay, which either means that the Tigers played their waterboys or the Governors played their hearts out.  Either way, Memphis may lose spots in the rankings.  It always amazes me that a team like Butler can lose to Podunk University and lose one spot in the standings, but Memphis loses to a number 4 Kansas and loses five spots.  Memphis has a good team.  Not an elite team.  That’s the difference.

Hockey, oh, who gives a rat’s petoot about hockey.

It looks like the Heat have finally found a way to win.  They had a winning streak going last I heard.  Boooooo.

The Philadelphia Phillies should probably go ahead and reserve their World Series tickets now.  They got Cliff Lee back, and with Halladay, Oswalt, Hamels and now Lee, they have a starting rotation that will dominate the NL East and everybody they play.  If they can keep hitting and keep Jimmy Rollins healthy, the Phils will be a force to be reckoned with.  Booooo. 

Jimmy Johnson was named driver of the year.  I’m so surprised.  Of course, the pantywaste F1 fans are pissed because they seem to think that NASCAR is the minor leagues.  If that was true, open wheel drivers should dominate the sport, right?  Juan Pablo Montoya (Indycars, I know, but still open wheel) should have a title by now.   He hasn’t been close.  Patrick Carpentier?  Who?  Can’t drive a stock car.  Ricky Carmichael is better in stock cars than Carpentier, and he came from motocross.  And now it will be Danica watch.  Now, if she would drive in a bikini style firesuit, we’d have something to talk about.  But she struggled in the real minor leagues, the NASCAR Nationwide series.  I hope she gets better.  Maybe she’ll rip off her firesuit in victory lane. 

Yes, I’m a pig.  But at least I’m honest.

Sports Update

December 10, 2010

College football is over except for the BCS games and the Heisman Trophy award.  D2 and D3 schools are in their playoffs.  The NHL is playing, as is the NBA, the NFL is coming down to the final weeks of its season. 

The behind the scenes stuff is as follows: 

Urban Meyer has stepped down as the head coach for the Florida Gators.  He has had some health issues and since Florida was a pretty mediocre team this year by Gator standards, it’s probably a good time for him to hand over the reigns to someone else.  Or maybe he is heading to Denver.  More on that later. 

The Atlanta Braves are making moves to strengthen their team for next season.  They have acquired slugging 2nd baseman Dan Uggla from Florida.  They have traded Mike Dunn and acquired a relief pitcher from the Chicago White Sox whose name escapes me (I don’t always take notes on this stuff before I write.)  They released Matt Diaz, and he has inked a two year deal with the Pittsburgh Pirates.  I am saddened by this move because I like Matt Diaz.  I don’t think he got enough playing time in Atlanta, playing behind Garret Anderson, an over the hill player, last year and shared time in left field this season with Eric Hinske and others.  Matt is a blue collar player who really seems to love playing baseball.  I wish him luck.  The Uggla move is a really good idea since the Braves didn’t have enough infielders last year when Chipper Jones and Martin Prado got injured, and had to play Brooks Conrad, another guy I like, and his defensive play probably cost the Braves at least two games in the playoffs against the eventual World Series champs.  Uggla will add some power to the lineup and provide some flexibility to the infield, and when Chipper comes back, if he can come back from his knee injury, the Braves will be a dangerous team. 

The Denver Broncos fired Josh McDaniels this week.  I am happy with this move as a Broncos fan.  I wasn’t happy with McDaniels after the Cassel/Cutler issue.  He wanted a career backup quarterback for a proven star.  He lost Brandon Marshall.  He traded Peyton Hillis for Brady Quinn, then drafted Tim Tebow.  Cassel is playing pretty well and has the Chiefs in first place in the AFC West.  Cutler is playing pretty well, too and has the Bears in the playoff hunt in the NFC North.  Brandon Marshall is struggling in Miami, but the Dolphins have had injuries at quarterback, and Marshall has looked human.  Peyton Hillis is helping Cleveland look really good, as the Browns have beaten the New Orleans Saints and Hillis has provided a great spark from the running back position. (Not too bad for a white guy, huh?)  Quinn is a second stringer.  He hasn’t played a down since the preseason.  Tim Tebow has played a little, in the wildcat type formations, and has a rushing and passing touchdown this year.  What does all this add up to?  The Broncos have three quarterbacks, the best of which is Kyle Orton (who has a ton of passing yards this year), they can’t run the football, can’t stop the run on defense, and got caught cheating in England getting ready to play the San Francisco 49ers, who thumped the Broncos at Wembley Stadium.  Result?  3-8 record.  All of McDaniels personnel moves haven’t added up to wins.  I was optimistic during his first six games, but he has sucked something awful since then.  I say good riddance.  Maybe Belichick will take him back.

Georgia Southern University has advanced to the second round of the D2 playoffs, beating William and Mary this weekend.  Yes.  They beat both William AND Mary.  They play Wofford this weekend in South Carolina.  Maybe they won’t be playing in six inches of snow.  A local kid, Jaybo Shaw (yes that’s really his name) who started his college career at Georgia Tech, is the quarterback in Southern’s option offense.  Good luck Eagles.

I won a radio contest last week and the family went to a minor league hockey game.  I don’t really understand most of the rules, and it looks chaotic to me, all the bodies and sticks flying everywhere.  But we had a good time, and sat close enough to the ice that you could actually smell it.  It was a fun time.

Lebron and the Heat look pretty average.  They are playing better over the last few days, but they haven’t been a team of supermen who crush all those who dare to oppose them.  I LIKE IT!!!  Maybe the time has come for these overpaid crybabies to see that the TEAM must come first.  It doesn’t matter how good a player is.  He needs the other guys on the court to play well in order for the team to win.  

I got a new bowling ball.  I needed one.  It’s the first ball I’ve had drilled to fit my hand since 2000.  I still only have one strike ball and one spare ball.  I don’t carry twelve balls with me to bowl in a league, like some of these guys do.  And I still do pretty well.   

Lastly, the Heisman will be awarded this weekend.  It should be Cam Newton’s coronation.  He has meant more to his team than any of the other guys, although that kid from Oregon has been great this year, as have all the other candidates.  Newton got his team to the national title game without a ton of offensive help.  I just hope he doesn’t have to give it back later.

That’s it for the update.  Enjoy your weekend and the games.

Sports Update

November 19, 2010

Going into this weekend, there are a few sports stories worth mentioning. 

First of all, the NASCAR series comes down to this weekend.  Denny Hamlin has a fifteen point lead on Jimmie Johnson, with Kevin Harvick still within striking distance, should something happen to the front-runners.  I’ve already commented on Hamlin.  I think it’s kind of funny that the talking heads are all saying Jimmie is done because he hasn’t been in this position at this time of the season.  Not true.  In 2004, Jimmie finished in the top five, but it wasn’t enough.  He had to pass one more car to win the title.  Instead, Kurt Busch did what he needed to do and won the title.  Jimmie and Jeff Gordon came up one or two cars short.  That was the tightest finish in the Chase since it began.  A lot of people point to that and say Jimmie will have a similar result this year.  Jimmie was a third year driver then.  He’s a four time champion now, and Denny Hamlin ain’t Kurt Busch.  As much I used to dislike Busch, he at least doesn’t whine too much when things don’t go his way.  He’s got some class.  My money is on Jimmie.  Sissy Denny Hamlin will crumble, and blame it on someone else.  Hamlin finishes third in the chase. 

Last night, a first year football program took on the defending national champs.  Georgia State took the field in Tuscaloosa against the Crimson Tide.   They drowned in the Tide, losing 63-7.  I have mixed feelings about this.  On the one hand, it was a great thing for GSU to play on ESPN against a tough opponent.  They’ll make a ton of money from that appearance.   But, Alabama had their waterboy in the game in the fourth quarter and still moved the ball at will.  The BCS encourages, no, wait, requires teams like the Tide to pound mercilessly an undermanned opponent or they could lose spots in the rankings.  This isn’t sportsmanship.  It was obvious who the best team was, and there was no need to embarrass a first year program.  State has surprised me, winning their first ever game and several more since then, some by large margins.  This game was not the reason I watch football.  Seeing the physical game is one thing.  Sportsmanship is more spiritual, I guess.  I like seeing one team acknowlege the other team’s pride and not rub it in.  The BCS requires the rubbing it in.  The kids playing for Bill Curry will never forget that trip to Alabama, but not for a good reason.  Football purists will say that GSU should be able to stop the basic running plays the Tide ran in the fourth quarter.   Maybe after three recruiting seasons.  A game like this doesn’t help that.  The campus being in downtown Atlanta wouldn’t help for me, but it may for a kid in another city.  A small town Texas quarterback who can help Curry in a year or two might not like that.  Point is, sportsmanship has been dealt a blow.  It’ll be dealt another one this weekend, when South Carolina plays Troy. 

The NBA and NHL are playing.  The Atlanta Hawks looked good, then bad, then good again.  But other than that, I don’t know what’s going on in the NBA.  And I’m good with that. 

The high schools in my area started playoffs last week.  Again, my son’s team is not in the playoffs, so I’m only paying a little attention. 

Brett Favre’s Vikings (not Brad Childress’) will play the Green Bay Packers this weekend. If Favre survives the pass rush he’ll experience, he may be able to complete a few passes, some to the guys wearing the wrong color, no doubt, but the Vikings are in disarray.  They’ll lose soundly. 

The Memphis Tigers basketball team beat Miami in Wednesday, and the football team will lose to whomever they play this weekend.  They always do. 

That’s it for the update.  Enjoy the weekend.

Sports Update

November 15, 2010

Over the weekend, we saw several surprises in sports around the nation.  There were also results that were not too surprising.

First off, the Dallas Cowboys won a game in convincing fashion over the NY Football Giants.  The Cowboys have spent most of this season falling all over themselves to lose games.  Now that Jerry Jones has fired Wade Phillips, the Cowboys seem to magically be able to play football again.  And, to the players’ credit, they are acting exactly like the spoiled brats they are, blaming Phillips for their poor performance up until yesterday.  It is exactly what we should expect from pro athletes.  “What?  My fault?  Nope.  It’s the coach.  Fire him.”  The last time I checked, coaches didn’t actually play in the games.  Only Singletary could probably do it.  These whining jackasses always have an excuse. 

Speaking of whining jackasses, Denny Hamlin bitched to his crew chief that everybody who pitted with them during the Sprint Cup race yesterday at Phoenix made it on fuel.  He pounded his dash, threw stuff like a tweenage girl who wasn’t allowed to go skating with her girfriends, and complained that he did his job, but still finished around thirteenth.  His lead over Jimmie Johnson is down to fifteen points.  

Now, I’m not judging here, but champions don’t act like that.  The only problem for Hamlin anyway is that his lead is smaller than it would have been had he stayed out and made it the distance.  It would not be a lead had he stayed out and run out of fuel.  Then he would be really pissy.  What’s the problem, there, Hambone?  You scared Jimmie will kick your butt at Homestead?  He hasn’t ever really gone into that race needing a good finish.  If he wins and leads the most laps, he beats Hamlin.  No matter what Hamlin does.  Hamlin is no champion. 

The NFL had other instances of teams snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  The Jacksonville Jaguars actually won 0n a hail mary pass against Houston, a pass that was batted down and into the waiting arms of a Jacksonville reciever who walked two yards into the end zone.  Cleveland played the Jets to a tie for one hour and fourteen minutes.  Then, in OT, Mark Sanchez completed a pass that scored.  Buffalo got off the shcnied by beating Detroit, 23-20 in overtime. 

Who cares about basketball and hockey.  Black dudes played games in one sport and white dudes played in the other.  Who cares.

That’s our sports update. 

Go Broncos, Vols and Tigers.  And Jeff, stop sucking.